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Onsight Connect for Windows

    • When I am in an Onsight session, there can be an audible echo sometimes. What is causing that?

      The most likely cause is that your computer microphone and speaker are too close together. We recommend that you use a headset or a quality USB speakerphone on your Onsight computer to physically separate the microphone and speaker audio. You may also want to lower your speaker volume on your computer. Another cause may be that you are listening to both the Voice audio and the Subject audio at the same time. If so, you will need to mute the Subject Audio source within the Volume panel of the Call Window to eliminate the echo.

    • Why is the video playback window within Onsight corrupt or black?

      You may have a PC graphics card/driver issue.  You can verify your video card with your PC vendor and you may need to update to the latest video driver firmware.

    • I can make calls from my PC to other Onsight endpoints but I can't receive calls, Why?

      Your Windows Firewall may be blocking in coming calls, in the Control Panel, add Onsight Connect to the Windows Firewall Expections list.

Onsight Connect for Android

    • When I try to install the app from the Guest Invite link I get an error, "This browser is no longer supported". Why?

      You may be running an earlier version of Android whose browser is not compatible with Google Play. To access Google Play click on the ‘Play Store’ link when the Complete action using… dialog appears or click the Google Play Store app link in the error message. This will direct you to the Play Store.

    • How do I use Onsight Connect over a cellular network connection?

      In Onsight Connect for Android you must enable ‘Cellular Data’ under Settings\Calls\. In addition you must have a Data Plan with your cellular service provider, and you must enable data services for your Android phone.

Onsight Connect for iOS

    • How do I configure Onsight Connect for iOS (iPad/iPhone) to use 3G/4G?

      In Onsight Connect for iOS you must enable ‘Cellular Data’ under Settings\Calls\. In addition you must have a Data Plan with your cellular service provider, and you must enable data services from the iPhone Home screen under Settings\General\Cellular.

Onsight Platform Manager

    • How do I log into Onsight Connect?

      You can log in to Onsight Platform Manager or Onsight Connect (PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Onsight 2500) by entering the username and password you received in your Onsight Connect Welcome email on the login screen. If you did not receive an email contact your enterprise’s Onsight Administrator.

    • How do I invite a Guest?

      Click the Invite Guest icon on the Tool Bar (or press Ctl + I on your keyboard), fill in the required information and press Send Invitation. Your guest will receive an email with instructions on how to install and log into Onsight. You will immediately see a contact for your guest added to your Personal contact list.
      Note: The Invite Guest feature is part of the optional Onsight Connect Enterprise license.

    • I have forgotten my Onsight Connect account password, how do I reset it?

      Press the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Onsight login screen. Your web browser will open and you will be directed to the password reset page. Once there, follow the on screen instructions.

Onsight Hardware

Onsight Rugged Smart Cameras

    • Why won’t my Onsight 2500 turn on?

      The battery door may not be properly closed or you have not inserted a battery in the device. The Onsight device must have a battery inserted even if you are running on AC power. Please refer to your Onsight Device User Guide or Quick Start Guide for visual instructions on how to install the battery.

    • Why can’t I hear audio through my Onsight 2500 speaker?

      A headset maybe plugged into the device. If you unplug the headset, audio will come through the speaker. Speaker audio problems on the Onsight Device can also be a result of a setting on the Onsight Connect for Windows application computer. Check the microphone audio setting on the computer. The volume may be set too low or a microphone may be muted on either end of a call.

    • Why isn’t the built-in microphone on my Onsight 2500 working?

      The microphone may be working, but the sound may be muted on the other Onsight endpoint. Check the Volume panel in the Call Window on the Onsight computer to ensure that sound was enabled. Check that the Mic Mute button has not been enabled on the Onsight device. Alternatively, you may have the wrong Subject Audio Source setting configured on the Onsight device. Go to the Configuration > Audio > Source menu option and select ‘Internal Mic’.

    • When trying to log in using my Onsight 2500, my username and password are correct but I get a login error?

      When using Onsight Connect you must always set the correct time zone, date, and time on your Onsight 2500; HTTPS/SSL requires accurate date and time to be set for authentication. It is recommended to also enable the ‘Automatically synchronize with time server’ feature to ensure the correct time is maintained- see Configuration\Time\TimeServer.

Onsight Collaboration Hub

    • How do I stream video from the Onsight Collaboration Hub?

      Attach the Onsight Collaboration Hub to an iOS device using its USB cable. Then start Onsight Connect for iOS, once you’ve logged into the app, turn on the Collaboration Hub. Onsight Connect will recognize the Hub and automatically select it as the video source. You can now make a call and share video from the Onsight Collaboration Hub. Connect a third party video source to one of the Hubs input connectors to see video. For Example, connect a borescope to the Hub.

    • The Onsight Hub has been selected as the video source but the Viewer shows No Signal. What should I check?

      Check the connected inputs to make sure the attached devices are turned on.


      Unplug and reconnect the USB camera. Some USB cameras can take up to 10 seconds to start sending video. If no video appears then it is possible that the particular device is not supported by the Onsight Hub. If this is the case please contact Librestream Support.

      Unplug and reconnect the HDMI cable. If no video appears then it is possible that the HDMI source is protected using HDCP. Examples of HDMI devices that are protected are DVD/Blu-ray players, satellite receivers, Apple TV or similar boxes.

      Unplug and reconnect the VGA cable. If no video appears then the VGA source may be configured to output an unsupported resolution or refresh rate (maximum is 1024×768 at 70 Hz).

      Confirm that the S-Video source is on and configured to output video.

    • How long can I stream video when using the Onsight Collaboration Hub on battery?

      The Onsight Hub should stream video for 4 or 5 hours, but battery life may decrease if you use higher resolutions with high frame rates.

Onsight Embedded

Onsight Embedded for Android

Onsight Embedded for iOS

Release Bulletins

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Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.1

Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.1 introduces significant updates to our Onsight Products. The specific changes include the following:

  • EXPANDED ENDPOINTS including Onsight 5000HD rugged smart camera
  • SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) support for added control and ease
  • Enhanced USAGE REPORTS such as ‘Top Usage’ and ‘Overall Usage Summary’
  • Expanded CLIENT POLICIES, e.g. custom media configurations to optimize performance
  • New CLIENT PERMISSIONS to control features users can modify
  • Hosted and ON PREMISES infrastructure options
  • Keypad input for Secure TELEPRESENCE/VIDEO bridge calls support
  • New user interface additions such as CAMERA CONTROL for Windows PC users


Please note that the name Onsight Account Manager (OAM) is changing to Onsight Platform Manager (OPM) to reflect how teams can centrally manage user licences and Librestream hardware.