Turn Know-How into

Introducing Onsight NOW – an AI-powered knowledge delivery platform that captures and delivers organizational knowledge to fuel productivity. It puts resources, guidance and expertise in the hands of industrial frontline workers, enabling them to be more efficient, productive and safe.

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Get More Done.

What your employees can do is driven by what they know how to do.

Onsight NOW is the ultimate self-service information platform, integrating multiple industrial apps and back-end systems into a single pane of glass. AI-powered cognitive search and situational recommendations deliver precise information at the moment it’s needed, keeping tasks on track.

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Say Goodbye to App Hopping.

Is your team tired of using multiple apps to get work done? Onsight NOW simplifies your operations by providing out-of-the-box integrations with leading asset management, field service management, CRM, and knowledgebase platforms. We also support custom applications and document repositories, making it a one-stop solution that reduces the number of apps your team needs to search through or enter data into. Experience an efficient workflow today with Onsight NOW.

Reduce Idle Time.

A recent study shows employees spend 5 hours/week on average waiting for information or specific knowledge from other people in order to complete their work. Another 8 hours/week is spent working inefficiently, either through trial & error or spent searching intranet sites or the web for information on how to complete tasks.

Onsight NOW puts the power of your organizational know-how right where it’s needed most – in the hands of your frontline workers.


Decades of Performance with Proven Results.

70 %
Increase in Workforce Productivity
50 %
Reduction in Time to Solve Tier 1 Issues
300 %
Increase in Daily Inspections

Your Industrial Digital Assistant: “Hey, Ida”

When a problem or question arises, fast precise answers get tasks back on track. Ida is a GPT-like interface where users can ask complex questions and receive accurate responses parsed from volumes of information and disparate data sources across the enterprise.

“Why is this loading door jamming?”
“What’s the permissible exposure limit for hydrogen sulfide?”
“What causes a hissing noise on this water heater?”

Real answers to real questions to drive productivity and efficiency.

Convert “People Knowledge” into “System Knowledge”.

Knowledge gleaned over decades of experience is walking out the door as more tenured workers retire. Onsight NOW is the premier platform to capture, retain, and share organizational knowledge in a way that is frictionless to users.

Capture best practices. Learn what really happens in the field. Maximize the institutional knowledge you have, while you still have it.

A Little More Help.

When self-service knowledge isn’t enough, Onsight delivers the most advanced collaboration, digital work instruction, and visual guidance capabilities available. Our seamless integration with Microsoft environments makes communication easy and our Augmented Reality capabilities deliver a world-class experience.

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