Hardware Partners

The Onsight OptimizedTM program certifies specific mobile devices and wearables to work seamlessly with Librestream’s Onsight AR platform. Optimized devices are thoroughly tested, to ensure compatibility with all features and capabilities. In some cases, specific software and firmware modifications are made, enabling advanced features that take advantage of unique hardware and software combination. Librestream and its optimized hardware partners perform ongoing solutions testing, roadmap alignment, and cross-train their support and sales teams on the joint solution.

Librestream’s Onsight software platform is optimized for use on iOS smartphones and tablets. In addition, Librestream’s Onsight Collaboration Hub hardware has achieved “Made for iPhone” and “Made for iPad” certification; it has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone and has been certified to meet Apple performance standards.
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Librestream’s Onsight platform is optimized for dynabook’s Dynaedge wearable smartglasses and compute hardware. This Windows-based combination enables the Onsight AR platform to seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure, and ensure a secure hardware and software solution.
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ECOM and Librestream have partnered to transform the way the oil and gas industry gets to work.  Read more about how ECOM’s Visor-EX®01 and SmartEx® 02 smart device and Onsight® can put your organization’s knowledge to work for you.
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Librestream’s Onsight platform is optimized for Epsons Moverio line of smartglasses, enabling a hands-free experience on a binocular wearable platform.
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Onsight Connect operates on the Iristick H.1 smart glasses for a hands-free collaboration experience. The Iristick platform provides a lightweight headset that connects with a smartphone for strong battery life, cellular connectivity and flexible user interaction.
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Librestream’s partnership with Olympus Scientific Solutions brings Onsight AR capabilities to Olympus Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and Non-destructive Testing (NDT) solutions. Onsight has been tested and optimized for Olympus borescopes, ultrasonic, and XRF test equipment.
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Librestream’s Onsight platform is optimized for the Realwear HMT-1 and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1. The combination is deployed with hundreds of customers worldwide.  Librestream’s Onsight Cube also pairs with the Realwear HMT, bringing remote HD and Thermal camera capabilities to rugged and intrinsically safe environments.
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Librestream is a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program partner and performs ongoing testing of the Onsight Connect software on Samsung tablets and smartphones.
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Librestream’s Onsight AR service platform brings a voice-controlled solution to the Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses, allowing workers in the field a true hands-free AR experience.
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Ecosystem Partners

Ecosystem Partners implement a streamlined digital transformation strategy by integrating Onsight to back-office systems, IoT data sources, and content repositories for cohesive end-to-end system visibility, metadata augmentation, and enhanced business intelligence. 

The Onsight REST APIs provide integration across your digital ecosystem. Simply start a Connect call or initiate a Flow job from your ERP or CRM system. As part of your workflow, access IoT data in the field and automatically tag content with relevant metadata for advanced search and analysis. 

As part of Accenture’s leadership position in bringing digital transformation to industrial enterprises worldwide, Librestream and Accenture cooperate to deploy Onsight as an integral part of field service capabilities across business and operational units.
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As experts in delivering innovative services and solutions to enterprises worldwide using the Microsoft platform, Avanade has partnered with Librestream to integrate Onsight with Dynamics 365 Field Service to provide powerful and efficient field service work processes to existing and new Dynamics 365 customers.
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Cisco Systems
Librestream is a Registered Cisco Developer Network member and provides a certified solution that integrates with Cisco products and services including enterprise networking, collaboration infrastructure, and TelePresence.
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Librestream is an Inmarsat Certified Application Partner (CAP). Together, Librestream and Inmarsat have successfully tested the Onsight system over the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network to provide a mobile solution for land and maritime satellite connectivity customers.
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As a Microsoft partner, Librestream is closely aligned with Microsoft’s platforms and commercial initiatives. In key areas like Azure, Dynamics 365, Edge Computing, and Hololens, Librestream and Microsoft cooperate to integrate Onsight with Microsoft clients, infrastructure, and services.
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As an SAP partner, Librestream is closely aligned with SAP’s platforms and commercial initiatives.  Librestream’s Onsight App is in SAP’s Field Service Management extension directory which allows teams to launch an Onsight call from within SAP FSM.
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Reseller Partners

Librestream’s resellers play an integral role in supporting our overall product strategy to deliver the Onsight Platform to our global customers. Spanning an array of industries, including manufacturing, energy, utilities, test and inspection, transportation, and many others, Librestream resellers go through a stringent vetting process, and are trained to handle sales and technical support. With a global presence across four continents, our resellers are able to support you locally. 

The AVR Lab is a distributor of AR and VR solutions and is focused on helping organisations take confident steps towards utilising these powerful tools to their capacity.  They are a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight solution.
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Burns & McDonnell
Burns & McDonnell is a family of companies bringing together an unmatched team of engineers, construction professionals, architects, planners, technologists and scientists to design and build our critical infrastructure.  They are a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight solution.
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British Telecom
BT Group is a British multinational telecommunications company that has operations in 180 countries and is the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services in the UK. Librestream and BT Global Services have partnered to provide a value-added offering that includes Librestream Onsight products under the BT global solutions and networks umbrella.
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Dreamtech5 is a company specializing in the creation, design and development of customised “visual solutions” based on immersive and interactive technologies.  They are a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight solution.
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FrontierWear is a distributor of assisted reality and virtual reality solutions.  They are a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight Solution.
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Future Technologies
Future Technologies is an end-to-end solution provider specializing in the assessment, planning, design, implementation, and support of innovative wireless and wireline communication solutions.  They are a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight solution.
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Glenfield Digital Group
Glenfield Digital Group provides better process efficiencies and collaboration in the digital workplace.  As experts in enterprise content strategy, delivery and distribution, they have grown a range of content services platforms that are highly beneficial for customer strategies, with measurable ROI.  They are a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight solution.
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Grupo Datco
Librestream has expanded its Latin American support by partnering with Grupo Datco. Grupo Datco’s 40 years of experience in the Latin American market combined with its Information and Communications expertise offers clients original approaches inspired by their individual needs.
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HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Librestream and HCL have partnered to offer Onsight solution with their extensive IT Service offerings.
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Librestream’s Onsight AR platform and Onsight Cube are an integral part of Honeywell’s Connected People solution. Onsight enables Honeywell’s <strong>Expert on Call:</strong> Instant access to remote experts, who can see what the field worker sees and can provide advice, share documents or annotate the video feed.
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Hyster-Yale is an innovative pioneer in the Heavy Equipment industry and is working together with Librestream to sell a bundled service offering to their dealer network.
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NSW is an independent IT company. They are a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight solution.

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Virtual Method
Virtual Method brings a broad and strategic approach to advanced technologies, seeking-out and deeply-aligning with the world’s best SAAS &amp; Hardware.  They consult with businesses to help them understand when, where and how advanced technologies can fit into their customer experience.  Virtual Method is a reseller of Librestream’s Onsight solution.
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As a 4G LTE and Bill on Behalf of partner, Librestream works closely with Verizon to provide a solution that works effectively in the field. Onsight is featured in the Verizon Wireless LTE Innovation Centers, demonstrating the high quality video experience over the Verizon network.
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