Self-Service Knowledge Powered by AI

Find Answers, Faster.

With our combination of cognitive search and Generative AI, Onsight NOW takes self-service knowledge to a new level. From field service engineers to equipment operators, give all your frontline workers immediate access to critical information from across the enterprise without sacrificing data privacy or security.

factory worker

Your Industrial Digital Assistant™: “Hey, Ida™”

Say hello to Ida™, your new Industrial Digital Assistant™. A powerful AI chat interface, users can ask Ida complex questions in natural language and receive immediate, accurate responses parsed from volumes of information and different data systems across the enterprise.


Global Language Support

Global teams? Not to worry. Ida speaks over 50 languages and can translate documents instantly. Users can simply ask questions in their native language and get localized responses, regardless of what language the source documents are in.


Private and Secure

Onsight NOW exclusively utilizes your company’s data. Powered by a combination of cognitive search capabilities to access relevant data based on user permissions, and generative AI to interpret the information, Onsight NOW ensures the security and confidentiality of organizational data.

Seamless Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Empower your workforce with the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose issues efficiently. Our self-service knowledge capabilities enable workers to address challenges independently, minimizing reliance on external support and streamlining problem-solving processes.

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