Unleashing Private AI for Industrial Enterprises

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This article explores using a combination of cognitive search with a private GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model, such as GPT-4 from OpenAI, to provide enhanced organization-specific knowledge access. The use of private AI models addresses security and privacy concerns associated with open LLMs (Large Language Models).  

Cognitive search is a cutting-edge technology that transcends traditional keyword-based search by understanding the context and nuances of user queries. By harnessing the combined power of these technologies, organizations can enable their workforces with faster access to critical information, including the ability to synthesize and share best practices and expertise from the field, helping to preserve institutional knowledge. 

Rapid advancements in generative AI have the potential to transform how organizations operate, streamlining processes and enhancing employee productivity. However, the use of open LLMs poses significant security and privacy risks, leading many organizations to limit or prohibit employee access to generative AI tools like ChatGPT. To address these concerns, organizations can adopt a closed GPT model, offered through Microsoft Azure, and combine it with cognitive search capabilities to develop a bespoke solution to meet the unique information and knowledge needs of the company.  

By leveraging these combined capabilities, organizations can maintain stringent security measures, including role-based access controls and privacy protocols. The AI takes the results retrieved by cognitive search and constructs natural language responses. It doesn’t directly access or “learn” from company data. Instead, it serves as a facilitator, combining the power of cognitive search with the finesse of AI to provide contextually relevant, yet privacy-preserving, information.

The Power of Cognitive Search and Generative AI in Contextual Knowledge Retrieval 

In an age driven by data and information, harnessing the power of cognitive search and Generative AI can redefine the way organizations access, interpret, and apply knowledge. This combination creates a dynamic synergy that not only retrieves information but also understands and delivers contextually relevant insights. Here, we delve into the transformative potential of merging these technologies to elevate knowledge retrieval to a new level of sophistication and utility. 

Cognitive Search: A Bridge to the Information Universe 

Cognitive search is the first pillar of this transformative duo, acting as the bridge to an organization’s information universe. It’s designed to intuitively explore vast data repositories, discern the intricacies of language, and identify relationships between diverse data points. This technology goes beyond the limitations of traditional keyword search by integrating natural language processing and machine learning, offering a more nuanced understanding of user queries. 


Generative AI: The Architect of Contextual Understanding 

Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, steps in as the architect of contextual understanding. It possesses the ability to process, interpret, and generate human-like text in response to complex queries. With the capability to comprehend context, it not only retrieves information but also presents it in a meaningful and digestible manner. Generative AI can deliver contextually relevant insights, providing users with a deeper understanding of the retrieved knowledge. 


The Power of Synergy: Transforming Knowledge Retrieval 

By combining cognitive search with Generative AI, organizations can revolutionize knowledge retrieval. Here’s how this synergy works: 

  1. Enhanced Understanding: Cognitive search scans data repositories for relevant information and understands the context of a user’s query. 
  2. Contextual Query Generation: With the context in mind, cognitive search generates a refined query, improving the precision of search results. 
  3. Generative AI Interpretation: Generative AI interprets the contextual query and produces detailed, human-like responses. 
  4. Contextual Delivery: The response provided by Generative AI is not just informative; it’s contextually relevant, aligning with the user’s initial query. 
  5. Continuous Learning: These systems are designed to continuously learn from user interactions, fine-tuning their understanding and delivery of contextual knowledge. 


Applications and Benefits for Industrial Frontline Workers 

The potential benefits of harnessing the synergy between cognitive search and Generative AI are especially profound for industrial frontline workers responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of high-value assets and complex machinery. From streamlining real-time troubleshooting and delivering contextually accurate insights to facilitating timely and informed decision-making, this transformative duo significantly enhances the efficiency and expertise of these essential workers.  

In industries where precision and uptime are paramount, such as manufacturing, energy, and logistics, the integration of cognitive search and Generative AI empowers these workers to minimize downtime, maximize asset performance, and drive operational excellence, ultimately ensuring a safer and more productive working environment. In an era where industrial frontline workers are the backbone of critical operations, this powerful synergy is not just the future; it’s the present, transforming industries and elevating the capabilities of those who keep them running. 

Onsight NOW: A Turnkey Solution for Private AI Knowledge Delivery 

Librestream’s Onsight NOW platform offers organizations a turnkey solution to deliver powerful AI to their workforce securely. Built on Microsoft Azure and utilizing Open AI’s latest available GPT model, Onsight NOW enables seamless integration of private AI knowledge within an organization’s existing infrastructure. With this platform, enterprises get a comprehensive solution to deliver AI knowledge capabilities across their workforce, complete with a mobile app for frontline workers. Employees gain instant access to critical information, empowering them to make better decisions and complete tasks more efficiently. 


The adoption of private GPT models, particularly through Librestream’s Onsight NOW platform, offers organizations a secure and efficient way to deliver company-specific AI knowledge to augment their workforce. By harnessing the power of AI while addressing security and privacy concerns, organizations can drive productivity, improve efficiency, and preserve institutional knowledge. As organizations look to embrace AI technologies, solutions like Onsight NOW prove to be invaluable assets for sustainable growth and success. 

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