Preserve Organizational Expertise

Preserving Knowledge Now is Critical

Throughout the industrial sector, organizations have begun to feel the impact of knowledge loss. They watch as tenured experts retire, leaving a void of knowledge in their wake as decades of experience walk out the door.

Onsight NOW offers a simple yet effective platform for capturing and sharing knowledge throughout the organization.

factory worker

Make it Frictionless

Onsight NOW integrates seamlessly into everyday job life, making it easier to encourage adoption. How? By making administration tasks easier than ever.

Collections allows users to take pictures, record video, and enter job notes all from a simple interface. No more sending themselves pictures from their phone and transcribing written notes into an email. It’s the perfect way to start capturing unique knowledge from the field and share it with those who need it.

Put System Knowledge to Better Use

A lot of expertise and historical data already exists across companies, but it isn’t easily accessible. Onsight NOW changes that by making system-wide data available in simple AI-powered queries with Ida™, your Industrial Digital Assistant™. Need to know the last time maintenance was performed on an asset? Need to know if a materials order was placed?  No need to log in and search multiple systems, just ask Ida.

Ready to Explore Onsight NOW?

Every business and use case is different. Our solutions can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Let’s grab a few minutes to talk and see how we can help.