Self-Service Knowledge and Tele-Maintenance
Powered by AI

Introducing Onsight NOW – a powerful, secure tele-maintenance platform supported by self-service knowledge. Optimized for low-bandwidth support for forward-deployed personnel, and powered by the latest AI capabilities for knowledge retrieval, it provides forces on-demand information and guidance with low signal emissions to shorten repair time and get resources back in the fight.

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On-Demand Information Powered by AI

Onsight NOW is the ultimate self-service information platform, allowing users to ask or search for information across a wide range of data sources. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to enhance traditional search methods. It involves understanding the user’s intent and context to deliver more relevant results.

How it Works
Machine learning algorithms analyze data, identify patterns, and make connections between different types of information. Further, it provides more accurate and personalized results using semantic search, entity recognition, and sentiment analysis. These techniques enable the system to understand the meaning behind the search query and deliver precise results.

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Identify, Assess and Repair Faster

AI-supported knowledge delivery provides ready access to information so personnel can troubleshoot problems and identify optimal resolutions faster. Standardizing tele-maintenance though the Onsight NOW platform enables continuity in data capture from different multinational sources across theaters, making critical knowledge and best practices accessible to others when and where they need it.

Collaboration & Guidance with Bandwidth Governance

When self-service knowledge isn’t enough, Onsight delivers the most advanced collaboration, digital work instruction, and visual guidance capabilities available. With support for low bandwidth and off-line work instructions, Onsight is the perfect application for forward-deployed personnel with bandwidth limitations.

Key Features include:

  • Control/limit bandwidth use- support for video calls <500KB
  • High-resolution image capture with on-screen telestration
  • Download work instruction in advance for off-line operations and reduced signal emissions
  • Computer Vision object recognition
  • Multi-party call support
  • Real-time translations in over 50 languages
  • OCR to scan/input data easily
  • Spatial anchoring

Decades of Performance with Proven Results.

70 %
Increase in Workforce Productivity
50 %
Reduction in Time to Solve Tier 1 Issues
300 %
Increase in Daily Inspections

Tele-Maintenance with Built-in Language Translation

Built-in language translation eliminates the need to have intermediary translators slowing the communication process. With support for over 50 languages, Onsight NOW provides real-time translations so personnel speaking different languages can communicate directly to solve problems and make repairs.

Advanced Augmented Reality capabilities such as on-screen telestration, OCR reading and low bandwidth support provide optimal visual guidance solutions to improve first time fix rates and shorten return to service times.

Industrial Digital Assistant “Hey, Ida”

When a problem or question arises, fast precise answers get tasks back on track. Ida is an AI-powered chat interface where users can ask complex questions and receive accurate responses parsed from volumes of information and disparate data sources. Hands-free operation makes it ideal for field applications and information needs during task completion.

Onsight Now Offers:

  • Control over bandwidth consumption and support for reduced or no signal operations
  • AI-driven digital assistant with natural language processing – ask complex questions, get precise answers
  • Proactive content delivery based on roles, work orders, geo location, and machine learning.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface to make daily use easy and valuable
  • Advanced collaboration capabilities with video calling and on-screen telestration.
  • Real-time translation of over 50 languages.
  • AR-powered Computer Vision to visually identify objects and asset components.
  • Capture and reuse guidance sessions/instructions to reduce duplication of work.
  • Digital work instructions with simple drag-and-drop authoring interface.
  • Compatible with any mobile device and most wearable technology.

* The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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