Increase Operational Efficiency With Industrial AR, AI and IoT

Leverage intelligence across an organization to accelerate decisions, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve worker safety.




Enhance your digital transformation strategy to empower your workers and customers with immediate access to the content, people, smart data and guidance needed to inspect and solve issues quickly. Deployed globally, the Onsight Augmented Reality Platform increases operational efficiency in industries such as manufacturing, aviation, energy, heavy equipment and field service.




Productivity gain from "just-in-time" mentoring of field techs


Accelerated time to issue resolution


Increase in total productivity hours


The Onsight Experience

Onsight is an AR industrial solution built to perform in rugged environment including areas with extremely low bandwidth. Backed by central management, Onsight offers valuable insights through robust data analytics and dashboards.

With a broad range of software capabilities and optional inspection accessories, the Onsight augmented reality platform is the most comprehensive augmented reality enterprise software on the market.

  • Gain consistency and productivity through digital work instructions
  • Verify and support using remote expert video assistance
  • Create intelligent data with AI Computer Vision
  • Capture and centralize content for training and audits
  • Visualize IoT data from test instruments and data sources
Remote Expert

Remote Expert

Connect teams with the enterprise leading remote expert solution, Onsight Connect. Engage remote experts with live video, audio, telestration, IoT data overlay and use Onsight Computer Vision to automatically identify the contents of digital images.

Digital Work Instructions

Digital Work Instructions

Transform paper-based procedures with Onsight Flow digital work instructions. Create, assign, and execute work instructions while connected or offline. Gain immediate access to data for operational insights.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Create an integrated knowledge base including images and recordings that are automatically tagged with relevant IoT data and using AI computer vision in Onsight Workspace. Share, edit, access, and view content securely in difficult field environments.

Industrial Thermal Wearable

Industrial Thermal Wearable

Collaborate hands-free in the world’s toughest environments with the Onsight Cube industrial thermal wearable. Capture thermal imaging data to perform inspections and trend analysis in Ex-certified and rugged locations.

IoT Inspection Device

IoT Inspection Device

Centrally collect and share critical data and visuals from inspection tools such as borescopes or ultrasound devices using the Onsight Hub. Collaborate with remote experts to accelerate inspections in the field.


An Onsight call is made every


Onsight is deployed in

698% USAGE

Growth rate since 2017

Broad Device Support

The Onsight augmented reality enterprise platform runs on a diverse range of hardware devices including smartphones, tablets, personal computers, smart glasses and head-mounted wearables. The Onsight Optimized™ program ensures that the experience is tested and verified.

Ecosystem Integration

Implement a streamlined digital transformation strategy by integrating Onsight to back-office systems, IoT data sources, and content repositories for cohesive end-to-end system visibility, metadata augmentation, and enhanced business intelligence.

The Onsight REST APIs provide integration across your digital ecosystem. Simply start a Connect call or initiate a Flow job from your ERP or CRM system. As part of your workflow, access IoT data in the field and automatically tag content with relevant metadata for advanced search and analysis.

Security & Privacy

Librestream invests heavily in the overall security, privacy control, network and central management of the Onsight platform including:

  • Certified as ISO 27001 and 27018 compliant by accredited 3rd party independent audit
  • Secure data centers – load balanced, automated failover, data back-up
  • Rigorous monitoring of application and network vulnerability threat assessments with ongoing external 3rd party scans
  • Rigorous penetration testing with ongoing external 3rd party monitoring
  • GDPR compliant solution through centralized privacy and content controls. Read Librestream Privacy Policy – Onsight Services for more information.
  • Formal processes for business continuity including data back-up/recovery
  • Centralized management of security settings, network consumption, privacy control, and more
  • AES media encryption, TLS cryptographic protocol, Single Sign On (SSO), WiFi network security protocols, and optional app distribution via MDM

Professional Services

Librestream provides a broad range of professional services to help you accelerate the benefits and scale your Onsight deployment successfully as a part of your overall digital transformation strategy. Depending on your initiative, you can deploy within 24 hours, or work with our customer success teams on a custom deployment plan.

Available services include:

  • Customer Success Programs including deployment planning, access to e-learning content, communications programs, and best practice alignment
  • IT and Security services to complete assessments and configurations
  • Custom branding to provide a unique experience
  • Ecosystem integration to simplify workflows