The Onsight Augmented Reality Service Platform

Digitize your worker’s day with secure access to remote expert guidance, digital work instructions, and augmented content in even the most difficult field environments.

Augmented Reality Service Platform

Empower your workers and customers with immediate access to the content, people, and guidance they need to solve issues quickly. With a broad range of software capabilities and optional inspection accessories, Onsight is the most comprehensive AR service platform on the market. Use the Connect remote expert software on mobile or wearable devices, or deploy the full Onsight platform to include Flow for digital work instructions and Workspace to centralize content. Connect test instruments using the Hub or Smartcam and add the power of a thermal imaging industrial wearable with the Cube.

IoT Collaborative

Built for enterprise, Onsight meets the most stringent security, network, and infrastructure requirements.

Designed to withstand difficult field environments and perform even with minimal bandwidth, Onsight was designed with workers in mind. Whether you are visually collaborating with a customer directly, working independently with instructions as guidance, or accessing the content you need in the field, Onsight offers a solution. With full service training, deployment and adoption (TDA) services, Librestream assists your internal project teams meet the required business outcomes.

Interactive Experience

Field Optimized

Workflow Optimized

Knowledge Base

Enterprise Grade

Across Field Environments

Whether you need Onsight on smartphones or wearables for your field technicians, rugged smart cameras for your engineer at a secure manufacturing site, or specialized device support for remote inspectors, Librestream has the solution.

Onsight Flow

Custom digital work instructions for paperless procedures.

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Onsight Workspace

Specialized industrial content management solution.

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Onsight Cube

Industrial wearable for hands-free collaboration in extreme environments.

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Onsight Connect

Collaborative remote expert video software for smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and computers.

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Onsight Smartcam

Onsight Rugged Smart Camera for remote collaboration in highly secure and rugged environments.

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Onsight Hub

Connect and share visuals from external cameras and instruments.

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Onsight Manager

Control and manage security, bandwidth, and privacy settings. Access usage analytics and custom branding features.

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