When it comes to specialized inspections, teams often need access to visuals and data from special test devices. Whether you are inspecting the inside of a plane’s engine, or checking a pump’s temperature at an offshore rig, these instruments provide critical information.

One of the most interesting things I have seen is watching customers ‘McGivering’ a camera using a smartphone and selfie stick to get the right image to share from those hard to reach places. While very creative, it is not as effective as using a videoscope connected through the Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub.

An IoT device, the Onsight Hub was built to connect and share visuals from specialized devices while collaborating with an expert. With the Hub, you can connect previously unconnected test instruments, such as borescopes and thermal imagers, to integrate as part of your Onsight session.

Devices with S-Video, USB, HDMI, or VGA output can be plugged directly into the Hub. Connect your Hub to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to complete the connection and start securely sharing video and images instantly.


Written by Mark Van Pelt, Sr. Support Specialist at Librestream Technologies Inc.