The multi-purpose camera for the industrial worker.

The Onsight Cube is a multi-purpose camera that is optimized for remote mentoring.  The magnetic auto-latch mount provides an easy and secure way to attach the Onsight Cube to hardhat and headband accessories.

The multi-purpose design gives users the ability to capture visuals in hard to reach places using a monopod or perform up-close inspections in hand.


Mount the Onsight Cube to a hardhat for secure hands-free use. Magnetic auto-latch mount provides easy attachment. Clips lock the band in place.

Helmet attachment - Cube



Attach the Onsight Cube to a monopod to access hard-to-reach places. Supports a wide range of monopods and other standard tripod mount accessories.

Monopod - Onsight Cube



Hold the Onsight Cube to perform up-close inspections. To protect from accidental drops, the Cube includes a safety lanyard for the wrist.

Handheld option - Onsight Cube



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Written by Elwood Friesen , at Librestream Technologies Inc.