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Onsight Cube & Onsight Hub

Extend the power of Onsight with our industrial accessories

Designed for specialized use cases, our Onsight industrial accessories extend the power of the Onsight platform in rugged environments.

Onsight’s specialized accessories provide insights on thermal trends and allow sharing of data and visuals from legacy devices during an Onsight call. Onsight supports a broad range of devices to optimize your environment and use case.

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Onsight Cube Thermal Wearable Camera

The Onsight Cube-Ex industrial wearable is a Zone 1, Class I Div 1 intrinsically safe camera for hands-free operation in hazardous environments such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants, gas pipelines, and aircraft refueling stations. With HD video, thermal, and fusion modes, the Cube-Ex provides the visuals needed for safe inspections. The multi-purpose design of the Cube-Ex fits the needs of varied industrial environments and use cases, facilitating hands-free and up-close audits.

Onsight Hub IoT Inspection Device

Connect millions of ‘unconnected’ video and audio devices with Onsight Hub IoT inspection device. With support for a broad range of video inputs including S-Video, VGA, and composite, the Onsight Hub can connect virtually any legacy NDT device, extending its life and value. For newer camera devices, the Hub supports HDMI and USB inputs. Once a NDT device or camera is plugged into the Hub, users can share live video by connecting smartphones or tablets to the Hub as part of a standard Onsight Connect session.

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