Remote Sustainment and
Tele-maintenance with AI and Augmented Reality Support


RSTAARS is the optimal capability to meet current and future military maintenance and sustainment challenges. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), RSTAARS revolutionizes remote maintenance operations.

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3317-LIB-HERO – Onsight GOV-d1


Provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of sustainment and maintenance operations. Ensures all communications are captured on a single platform with standard data formats.
Facilitates efficient resource allocation, identifying what assets need repair and determining how many units can be serviced with available parts and staff. enables leaders to make informed decisions about resource distribution and asset prioritization.
Provides encrypted, secure communication channels. AR features deliver industry-leading collaboration capabilities. Easy to use, integrating with existing tools like Signal and Teams without disruption.
Support for any mobile device or computer running Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac OS, and wearble devices. Integrates with other internal systems and databases to provide seamless, federated (role-based) access to critical information.
Utilizes data for trend analysis, summary dashboards, and integrates with other systems for predictive and impact analysis. Measures and tracks efficiency gains and mission readiness status, providing valuable insights.

Fix-Forward Faster with AI Assist

Real-time Language Translation for Calls

Eliminate the need to have intermediary translators slowing the communication process. With support for over 50 languages, Onsight GOV provides real-time translations so personnel speaking different languages can communicate directly to solve problems and make repairs.

Collaboration & Guidance with Bandwidth Governance

Onsight GOV delivers the most advanced Augmented Reality (AR) collaboration features, digital work instruction, and visual guidance capabilities available. With support for low bandwidth and off-line operation, Onsight GOV is the perfect application to enable RSTAARS for forward-deployed personnel with bandwidth limitations.

AR Collaboration and Bandwidth Features Include:

  • Adaptive or manual bandwidth controls (support for video calls <500KB)
  • High-resolution image capture with on-screen telestration
  • Download work instruction in advance for off-line operations and reduced signal emissions
  • Computer Vision object recognition
  • Multi-party call support
  • OCR to scan/input data easily
  • Spatial anchoring

Decades of Performance with Proven Results.

70 %
Increase in Workforce Productivity
50 %
Reduction in Time to Solve Tier 1 Issues
300 %
Increase in Daily Inspections

Ideal for Agile Combat Employment (ACE)

RSTAARS provides visual guidance and collaboration capabilities on a secure platform that can function in low bandwidth environments. This is essential in contested environments when limited bandwidth needs to be allocated to specific functions. In support of ACE, forward locations can call back to AOC or MOBs for technical guidance and assistance in repairing aircraft or equipment without needing to send it to a depot or armory, or waiting extended periods for specialist personnel to arrive on-site to conduct repairs.

Better Enable Multi-capable Airmen

RSTAARS with Onsight GOV Offers:

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