Customer Use Case

CEC Mining Systems Adopt Augmented Reality

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, CEC Mining Systems, a leading manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment, ceramic disc-vacuum filtration systems and turn-key tailings dewatering projects, was faced with the challenge of maintaining product quality while remaining complaint with government-regulated restrictions.

A large portion of CEC Mining System’s steel fabrication is completed in China. Before the pandemic, quality assurance and compliance as well as factory accepted testing was done in-person. With COVID-19 travel restrictions, North American field engineers could no longer inspect assets in-person. As a result, CEC Mining Solutions partnered with Librestream to deploy the #1-rated augmented reality (AR) platform, Onsight, which enables collaboration between field engineers, suppliers, on-site workers and subject matter experts.

In an episode of MSTA CANADA’s The DIG, Ryan McEachern speaks with Cameron Stockman, Director of Operations and Business Development of CEC Mining Systems about their deployment of Onsight during COVID-19. Watch the episode to find out more.