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Onsight Workspace


Onsight Workspace empowers teams by providing secure and immediate access to the information they need to complete their work efficiently. An authorized user can add content, search and retrieve a prior Onsight inspection recording, or quickly access a product manual in the field. With the Onsight Workspace API, integrate data and content into your back-office system.  
Field intelligence solution for industrial teams to create, access, manage, share and analyze content securely in difficult field environments.

Using Onsight Workspace, authorized users can upload, view, share, and manage Onsight data, images and recordings as well as external content such as product manuals and schematics. With detailed permission controls, enterprises can ensure that only authorized teams and individuals can access specific content.

Workspace integrates with the full Onsight platform by providing a practical solution to aid in knowledge management and audit trail requirements. The solution features:

  • Automatic or manual upload of data, images or recordings from Onsight
  • Control uploads to manage field situations such as cellular data consumption
  • View and assess the IoT data captured in the field
  • Search and retrieve relevant content that was auto-tagged through AI computer vision
  • Automatic versioning of content with built-in audit capabilities
  • Quick add option to store product manuals, schematics, or other files
  • Secure architecture and detailed permission controls
  • Analyze advanced reports to audit content and use across the enterprise
  • Access content and data in your back-office systems with the Workspace API
  • Extend Workspace data collection to external contributors

Field Intelligence

Collect data across your entire operational ecosystem to centralize knowledge and analyze data. Provide Workspace Enterprise licenses to your internal team and extend the value to external collaborators with Workspace Contributor.

Workspace Enterprise

Upload, view, share and analyze data, images and recordings across internal teams.

Workspace Contributor

Securely centralize content from customers, suppliers and third-party collaborators for analysis.

Onsight Workspace

  • Upload

    Add Onsight media and data, as well as documents and schematics securely.

  • Find

    Search and find specific content immediately using tags, date, and more.

  • Share

    Share files with authorized team members to view within their browser.

  • Manage

    Configure detailed group and user permissions and activity notifications.

  • Analyze

    View detailed reports on usage, document types and more.

  • Integrate

    Seamlessly integrate into your back-office systems with the Onsight Workspace API.

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