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Onsight Flow helps you transform your paper-based processes into digital work instructions for enterprise-grade wearables, smartphones, or tablets. Your teams can rely on step-by-step instructions or digital forms that include access to relevant content, simplified data capture, and digital sign off procedures.

Eliminate Paper. Empower your workforce. Improve your operation.

Onsight Flow is built to empower your workers and processes. With Flow, you can create, deploy, execute, and monitor work instructions securely across your workforce. With built-in powerful reporting dashboards, you can analyze live data to identify areas for improvement and monitor the status of jobs.

Key product features include:

  • Create step-by-step instructions or digital forms with the drag-and-drop builder
  • Launch digital instructions with embedded QR codes and deep links
  • Schedule, assign, and manage jobs for individuals or groups
  • Capture machine data, time, date, and geo-stamp steps for future analytics
  • Build custom dashboards and reports for powerful data analytics
  • Integrate your existing systems via open APIs
  • Engage with remote experts using Onsight Connect

Onsight Flow

  • Step-by-Step Instructions or Forms

    Transform existing processes into fully digital paperless workflows. Create guided step-by-step instructions or compress job steps into one seamless digital form.

  • Connected or Offline Modes

    Perform work instructions even in challenging network environments. Simply download jobs in advance and execute jobs offline. Automatically upload data when a connection is available.

  • Data Analytics and Dashboards

    Capture and analyze critical asset data as well as the date, time, and geolocation for each step to create powerful dashboards. Identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder

    Quickly create, adjust, and manage detailed workflow steps with advanced functions such as conditional paths. Use easy drag-and-drop functionality to create customized digital work instructions.

  • Broad Field Device Support

    Runs on wide range of field devices including wearables, smartphones, and tablets. Hands-free customized experience for enterprise wearables.

  • Remote Expert Guidance

    Launches Onsight Connect to engage with remote experts and share live video, audio, telestration, text, and images.

  • TDA Program Support

    Customized training, deployment, and adoption services available. Includes project planning, communications, training approaches, and usage analytics.

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Onsight Augmented Reality Service

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