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The most widely deployed and device agnostic industrial remote expert solution, Onsight Connect remote expert software delivers a fully collaborative environment to rapidly troubleshoot, inspect, and resolve issues in the field. With advanced Artificial Intelligence and IoT visualization, Onsight effectively distributes knowledge and empowers decisions with capabilities such as live translation, object recognition, and sensor data integration.  
Uniquely designed to remotely perform inspections, deliver on-the-job training and solve complex problems with colleagues, customers, contractors and vendors in challenging field environments.

Designed to collaborate on 'things' in various field environments, Onsight performs in ultra-low bandwidth situations with a minimum requirement of 30 kbps and includes an offline mode.

A colleague, supplier, or customer might be on the other side of the world, but remote experts can stay in the office to perform remote inspections, audits, diagnostics, training and more. Teams can share audio and video, bridge language barriers with live translation, circle and mark areas that need attention, adjust lighting, and record or capture still images to develop a lasting knowledge base.

Integrated with advanced computer vision (CV) artificial intelligence (Ai), Onsight CV recognizes the content of digital images and extracts text, objects, and other identifying markers using Object Character Recognition (OCR) and Object classification and detection. The more data the model gets, such as more pictures of the same object in different angles, the more accurate it becomes.

The Onsight translator, powered by Ai natural language processing (NLP), provides real-time translations to bridge language barriers between global teams, vendors and customers. This ability simply and securely translates calls with live transcription (captions) on screen and live spoken translation.

The platform includes IoT visualization capabilities to inform decisions by displaying aggregated IoT data from relevant sensors onscreen.  Using IoT visualization, workers can access this information through OCR and view the data in graphs, charts or tables.

Deployed globally in over 120 countries, Onsight remote assist software scales with your operation. Optimized across the broadest range of devices, Onsight remote assist software supports smartphones, tablets, computers, smart glasses, head mounted displays and specialized test instruments for a consistent experience that fits all use cases and environments.

Onsight integrates with back office systems such as CRM, asset management, or content systems for a streamlined experience. Controlled and secured by a robust back-end management solution and infrastructure, Onsight meets the needs of the most stringent IT and security environments with ISO27001 and ISO27018 certifications.

Use Connect on Smartphones

Connect runs on iOS and Android smartphones including consumer and hardened, Ex-certified devices.

Use Connect on Tablets

Connect runs on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets, bringing live video diagnostic capabilities to existing workflows.

Use Connect on Smartglasses

Connect runs on Android smart glasses, typically in ‘Field’ user mode and controlled remotely to simplify use.

Use Connect on Computers

Connect runs on Windows computers and laptops, adding specialists and teams to Connect remote expert sessions.

Use Connect with the Onsight Cube

Pair the Cube with a Connect enabled smart device to capture thermal, fusion, or HD optical visuals from the Cube in a Connect remote expert session.


  • AI Computer Vision

    Recognize objects and build a smart database of auto-tagged content for machine learning models.

  • IoT Data Visualization

    Connect to IoT platforms in the field to display relevant data onscreen.

  • Broad Device Support

    Runs on enterprise wearables, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Onsight devices.

  • Low Bandwidth Optimized

    Share live content in even the most extreme low bandwidth – cellular, wireless or satellite.

  • Knowledge Base

    Build a centralized knowledge base of content. Add tags, search, and share in future sessions.

  • Remote Controls

    Remotely control the field camera to get the right visuals and reduce training.

  • Guest Invites

    Quickly bring in guests to live Connect remote expert sessions, ideal for customers and suppliers.

  • Ecosystem Integration

    Seamlessly integrate into your back-office systems with the Onsight Call API.

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