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What are Digital & Workforce Transformations?

Digital Transformation often involves digitizing paper-based processes such as forms, inspection checklists and manuals. This approach standardizes data capture and provides a framework for on-demand access to important information, from any location.

Workforce Transformation, an extension of digital transformation, includes capturing, storing and delivering knowledge to help employees be more productive, efficient and safe. It includes technologies such as remote expert assistance, digital work instructions, and centralized knowledge repositories.


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Librestream is named a Top 100 Software Company of 2022 by The Software Report!

Our Onsight workforce transformation platform is recognized alongside a prestigious group of software companies that are transforming industries and providing significant value to customers.

Empower your Workforce with AR

Imagine being able to offer your workforce the ability to access relevant data, content, and expertise anywhere on any device. AR-enabled remote collaboration solution, Librestream Onsight, offers exactly that. Use our ROI calculator to determine estimated cost savings, productivity gains, and carbon reductions that Onsight can help you achieve. 

# 1
Augmented Reality Remote Expert Solution Rated by Verdantix
18 +
Years of AR Workforce Transformation Experience
698 %
Increase in Global Platform Usage and Value