Librestream, the leader in Mobile Collaboration solutions, is pleased to announce the newest enhancements to its Onsight mobile collaboration system in the Version 3.5 release. The Onsight enhancements include integration with Cisco’s Webex online meeting tool as well as new bandwidth optimization tools.

Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream explained, “We consider Cisco a strategic solution partner with their portfolio of wireless products, meeting tools and unified communications products. By adding the Webex one-click meeting feature to our Onsight Expert desktop software, additional experts can now join an Onsight video session very quickly. An Onsight Expert user can effectively bring customers, suppliers or other outside experts into an Onsight video session to solve problems, inspect products, or monitor situations.”

Onsight Expert V3.5.2, Onsight Mobile 3.98.54 firmware, Onsight Management Suite V1.3 are now available to Certified Solution Partners and customers who are on active maintenance plans. For more information on the newest software release, contact your Librestream sales representative.