Harvard and BCS Illustrate the Power of AI for Workers

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In a groundbreaking research project titled “Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier,” jointly conducted by Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Boston Consulting Group (BCS), a profound revelation has emerged: workers incorporating AI to help complete tasks outshine their counterparts (and themselves)!

The study, encompassing 758 consultants (which is approximately 7% of individual contributor-level consultants at BCS) brought to light some astonishing results:

  • Task Completion Boost: Consultants utilizing AI tools exhibited a remarkable 12.2% increase in the number of tasks completed.
  • Time Efficiency Surge: Tasks were completed 25.1% more swiftly by consultants harnessing the capabilities of AI.
  • Quality Enhancement: Results achieved by AI-empowered consultants surpassed the control group by over 40% in terms of quality.
  • Moreover, AI helped improve performance across all skill levels:
    • Those performing below benchmark standards (such as less experienced workers) increased 43%.
    • Those who performed above benchmark levels improved 17% over their pre-experiment scores.

These compelling findings underscore the transformative potential of AI tools, such as Librestream’s Onsight NOW, when it comes to improving the productivity and efficiency of workers who rely on specific knowledge or information to do their jobs.

Onsight NOW fully utilizes the natural language understanding and intelligent response capabilities of GenAI. This AI platform, optimized for industrial frontline workers, enables technicians, engineers, and operators to ask questions in regular language and receive clear, concise, well-informed answers. Imagine the value when faced with queries like: “How do I replace the filter on machine model XYZ?” or “What’s the process for calibrating sensor model 123ABC?”


So, what does this paradigm shift mean? Here’s a concise breakdown:

Efficiency: Onsight NOW alleviates the hassle of navigating through extensive paper manuals or navigating obscure knowledgebases, delivering pertinent information swiftly and efficiently.

Accuracy: It delivers up-to-date answers based on the latest documentation, mitigating the risk of errors and accidents.

Convenience: The ability to interact hands-free and through voice commands proves to be a significant advantage, especially when gloves or dirty hands are in the mix.

Customer Satisfaction: The heightened speed and reliability of service both contribute to more satisfied customers, fostering trust and loyalty.


Companies embracing private AI tools to enable their workforce will quickly outpace competitors. With tools like Onsight NOW, we anticipate a future where productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction are substantially elevated.

To read the full study by HBS, click here: Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier: Field Experimental Evidence of the Effects of AI on Knowledge Worker Productivity and Quality – Working Paper – Faculty & Research – Harvard Business School (hbs.edu)

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