Sub-Zero recognized for manufacturing innovation and excellence by integrating Onsight mobile video collaboration into its new product development process

Librestream Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that Sub-Zero was recognized by its peers with the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Award (ML Award). This ML Award was in the competitive Enterprise Technology Leadership category for Sub-Zero’s integration of mobile video collaboration technology within the New Generation product roll-out, the largest launch in the company’s history.

The project was called the New Generation Collaboration Initiative and it involved the daily use of Librestream’s Onsight mobile video collaboration system and Cisco video infrastructure to facilitate collaboration between engineers and teams within Sub-Zero as well as external partners and suppliers.

Paul Sikir, VP of Design Engineering at Sub-Zero, explained, “We needed an effective way to access experts as part of our new product development process. Problems always seemed to occur when we were 30,000 feet in the air flying home. With this solution, we found a way to see and discuss very detailed video and images from afar in a highly secure manner. We are now using video collaboration on a daily basis to finalize designs, correct production line issues, work with suppliers, and train installers and servicers.”

This initiative has accelerated decisions and problem resolution, increasing productive time while reducing production line downtime and travel costs. The process innovations and strong results from this New Generation Collaboration Initiative make Sub-Zero the worthy recipient of the 2014 ML Award.

“Integrating a new approach into an existing business process is difficult. We’ve worked with manufacturers on mobile video collaboration initiatives for over ten years and can say with confidence that Sub-Zero is a leader in proactively using this kind of technology to improve results. While many manufacturers use video collaboration to resolve issues after they occur, Sub-Zero has embraced video within daily workflows to address potential issues before they become costly problems,” added Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream.

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