Enhanced collaboration experience for smartphones and tablets as well as expanded infrastructure for large scale deployments with the release of Onsight Version 6.3

Librestream, the leader in Virtual Presence systems for enterprises, announced the release of Onsight Connect version 6.3 for the iPhone, iPad, PC, and Librestream Onsight rugged device platforms. This release further expands the Onsight platform and delivers secure live video, audio, images, and telestration from the field to leverage experts and accelerate problem resolution.

The new capabilities provide enhancements to both the mobile Onsight Connect application for iOS smartphones and tablets as well as the core hosted infrastructure. The App improvements include a new dashboard, image and recording file system, faster camera performance, expanded search and system health indicators. With these improvements, users can easily navigate, add to their Onsight knowledge base, and access stored pictures or recordings to help troubleshoot or train teams.

Kerry Thacher, President & CEO of Librestream, explained, “We have seen a strong uptake in the use of Onsight Connect on iPad and iPhone devices, especially for field service collaboration. In this use case, the ability to quickly take, retrieve and share visuals from prior events helps teams make more accurate decisions remotely. This release is part of our continued focus on providing an easy to use and complete collaboration experience for operations teams.”

The hosted collaboration infrastructure was also significantly expanded to support large scale Onsight deployments. This advanced infrastructure includes added redundancy and load balancing to core services such as the Onsight TeamLink firewall traversal service and the hosted Onsight SIP service.

“The majority of existing customers and new clients have now moved to our hosted Onsight platform because of its flexibility and ability to support ad-hoc collaboration in the field. To support the growing number of large scale Onsight deployments, we determined it was time to implement the core infrastructure expansion plan,” stated Kerry Thacher, President & CEO Librestream.