Enhancements build on capabilities to collaborate from the field, instantly taking experts where and when they are needed

Winnipeg, Canada, July 23, 2013 – Librestream, the leader in Virtual Presence systems for enterprises, announced the release of Onsight Connect version 6.2 for the iPhone, iPad, PC, and Librestream Onsight rugged device platforms.

This latest Onsight release enhances enterprise controls as well as overall collaboration in the field with capabilities such as attaching GPS data to images or recordings to build an internal audit trail. These enhancements build on its core capabilities of sharing secure live video, audio, images, recordings and telestration with virtual experts to accelerate problem resolution and increase decision accuracy without the need for travel.

“Video collaboration from the field is still a new concept for many enterprises. Our client base includes innovators who are focused on leveraging their internal experts by virtually bringing them into field situations. These customers have achieved tremendous results when they build Onsight into their core processes. This release focused on adding value in practical areas such as GPS data, which is a critical need for many field service collaboration use cases,” stated Kerry Thacher, President & CEO Librestream.

Operations teams can now capture additional information for Onsight images and recordings for audit trail and training purposes, simplify connections with available networks, integrate more fully with existing video infrastructure, and apply more finite user account controls. These enhancements were in direct response to customer feedback.