Continued enhancements to the Onsight Connect system provide a secure, consistent and interactive video collaboration experience for Operations

Librestream, the leader in Operations-Driven Video Collaboration, announced the release of Onsight Connect version 6.1 for the iPhone, iPad, PC and Librestream Onsight rugged device platforms. This latest release simplifies the use of Onsight across the enterprise and enhances its core capabilities of secure live video, audio, telestration and image sharing between remote collaborators.

The new features include tighter enterprise controls over Onsight guest user licenses, simplified PC software deployment, deeper integration with enterprise video infrastructure and general enhancements to the Onsight Connect platform.

The Onsight Connect App builds on the recent launch of Librestream’s hosted Onsight Connect service with its unlimited installation, hosted infrastructure options and ability to quickly invite guests for immediate ad-hoc collaboration across an ecosystem. Librestream also recently announced its enhanced Onsight 2500 rugged and Ex certified device series for operation within challenging work environments and use cases that require very detailed visuals.

“With our recent expansion to include tablets and smartphones, Onsight is now being used by a broader team of collaborators. Suppliers, customers and other 3rd party collaborators are being brought in to Onsight sessions to help solve issues and make immediate decisions. We continue to add capabilities that will increase the call completion rate across organizations and simplify the experience for this broader group of collaborators,” stated Kerry Thacher, President & CEO Librestream.

With this release, Onsight administrators can now restrict guest users from accessing global contact directories and disable their ability to take pictures and record sessions. Onsight Connect for PC software can also be installed without requiring Admin rights on the PC using the new Standard installation option. As well, Onsight supports both private and public SIP server configurations and authenticating proxies within Onsight TeamLink. These capabilities simplify calls with 3rd party locations such as a supplier location or customer site.

The Onsight Management Suite and Onsight Account Manager centralized administration tools were also enhanced to support these new capabilities.