Librestream, the leader in real-time mobile video collaboration solutions, announced the Version 4.5 release of its Onsight Mobile (Device) and Onsight Expert software as well as Version 2.5 of its centralized management software, Onsight Management Suite. This newest Onsight platform continues to build on enhancements made for low bandwidth environments, added security provisions, and remote management capabilities.

For bandwidth management, the Onsight Mobile (device) and Onsight Expert software now displays estimated aggregate bandwidth usage to assist with configuring and adjusting media settings including incoming and outgoing networks. It also includes a new option to increase the bandwidth efficiency of audio communications over low bandwidth networks. For additional security, there is a new option to control recording privileges to meet privacy requirements as well as PEAP-GTC as another supported 802.1x WiFi security authentication method.

The remote management capabilities were also enhanced within Onsight Management Suite Version 2.5 to remotely configure all common Onsight Expert parameters, provide the ability to push security certificates to Onsight mobile devices and Onsight Expert desktops and simplify the creation of contact lists to share across enterprise groups.