Librestream, the leader in Mobile Collaboration solutions, is pleased to announce core advancements to its Onsight Expert mobile collaboration application.  The Onsight Expert application is installed on an expert’s desktop to collaborate immediately with remote workers who are operating an Onsight mobile device in the field.

The new Onsight Expert Version 3 features include enhanced operation over low bandwidth connections such as a new bi-directional image sharing mode, further content security with AES encryption, bi-directional sharing of video recordings, Vista support, and tighter integration with the Tandberg VCS. Onsight Expert Version 3.3 is currently shipping to clients and solution partners.

“We undertook the development of these additional features in response to client feedback,” explained Kerry Thacher, President and CEO of Librestream. He added, “Although there is no directly competitive product on the market, we will continue to invest in the Onsight system to retain our leadership position in the enterprise mobile collaboration market.”

Onsight Expert provides core collaboration capabilities such as the immediate display of high quality video from the field on the expert’s desktop, two-way audio calls, full remote control of the Onsight mobile device, and two-way onscreen telestration.