Librestream, the leader in Mobile Collaboration solutions, is pleased to announce its new Onsight 2000R mobile collaboration device. The Onsight 2000R was specifically engineered for rugged environments with its IP54 enclosure rating, chemical resistant exterior, and ability to withstand a 4 foot drop to concrete in temperatures as low as -10°C/14°F. The new design includes an integrated illumination ring with optimized lighting for both macro and standard use. The Onsight 2000R is the answer for customers operating in industries such as construction, resource industries, disaster recovery, and repair or maintenance of external assets.

Using the Onsight 2000R wireless mobile device, a field worker can send live video to a colleague’s computer running the Onsight Expert software. In addition to live video, the Onsight system provides two-way audio, onscreen drawing capabilities, and image sharing modes to facilitate live collaboration in a range of wireless and cellular broadband network environments. The Onsight Expert can also take full control over the Onsight 2000R including image capture, zoom, illumination and bandwidth settings.

“Our partners and customers identified the need for this rugged mobile device. We are pleased that this new design delivers the performance needed for harsh environments such as the industrial IP54 rating for dust and water resistance,” said Mr. Kerry Thacher, President & CEO of Librestream. He continued, “We will also be announcing the release of a hazardous approved model for the Onsight 2000 series shortly.”

The Onsight 2000 series complements the current Onsight 1000 series, which is primarily used in enclosed or light industrial settings such as hospitals, manufacturing assembly plants and retail/office locations.