Librestream Announces Zone 2 Hazardous Location Approval for its Onsight 2000Ex Mobile Collaboration Device

Librestream, the leader in Mobile Collaboration solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its Zone 2 certified Onsight 2000Ex mobile collaboration device. To achieve this rating, the company completed a rigorous testing regime to meet the Zone 2 requirements for IECEx, ATEX, NEC and CEC. Librestream has already shipped a large order of Onsight 2000Ex Zone 2 devices to a major partner that has projects underway with some of the world’s leading energy companies.

The Zone 2 certification adds to the North America Class I, Division 2 rating that was first announced for the Onsight 2000Ex in early 2009. The Onsight 2000Ex can now be used in potentially hazardous locations such as oil and gas, chemical processing plants, aircraft hangars and gas pipelines in Europe and North America.

“The Zone 2 certification is a strategic component of our overall vision to provide the power of mobile collaboration to all physical workers. With the Zone 2 Onsight 2000Ex model, we can now provide solutions to the majority of potentially hazardous locations and across a larger geographic market. We are very pleased that our investment has so quickly delivered results, which substantiates our belief that the Onsight offering has a strong fit within the hazardous location market segment,” said Kerry Thacher, President & CEO of Librestream.

The hazardous location approved Onsight 2000Ex model complements the current Onsight 2000R, which was built for rugged outdoor environments, as well as the Onsight 1000, which was designed for enclosed or light industrial settings such as hospitals, manufacturing assembly plants and retail/office locations.