The Onsight 2500 devices enhance performance in the field with expanded connectivity and video support

Librestream, the leader in mobile video collaboration for operations, is pleased to announce its newest Onsight 2500 mobile device series. The Onsight 2500 devices provide an optimized video collaboration experience and include expanded support for video and network industry standards as well as general usability improvements.

The Onsight 2500 mobile devices provide superior wireless performance with support for dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networks. With the integration of h.264 video compression, the Onsight 2500 delivers higher video quality in low bandwidth environments as well as broader integration with existing video infrastructure. The Onsight 2500 devices also provide Bluetooth headset support.

General usability improvements include additional features such as sunlight readable touch panel displays for better performance in outdoor environments and support for 802.11d networks to simplify deployments globally. The devices also include USB support to simplify the transfer of Onsight recordings and images from the Onsight device SD card to other devices.

Librestream continues to invest in its core video products to provide Operations teams with rugged, handheld devices that help them immediately solve issues in the field. The newest Onsight devices make it easier for enterprises to deploy Onsight devices within their existing wireless networks and video infrastructure. It is also easier for field workers to share video from the field with the Onsight 2500,” explained Kerry Thacher, Librestream CEO.

The Onsight 2500 devices were designed for real world use across challenging environments like the manufacturing plant floor or oil rig. These rugged devices feature an IP64 enclosure rating, the ability to withstand a 4-foot drop to concrete or steel and a chemical resistant exterior that can be sanitized between uses. The Onsight devices also include a built-in illumination ring, ultra-low bandwidth performance and highly detailed visuals. An optional I/O sled attachment provides expanded capabilities including an Ethernet connection, S-Video connection to bring in 3rd party video, USB to transfer files and a secondary audio input. The devices can also be used as mobile video conferencing camera with direct integration with standard video conferencing systems.

The Onsight 2500 mobile devices are a direct replacement for the Onsight 2000 mobile device series. The Onsight 2500 models include the Onsight 2500R as well as the Onsight 2500Ex, which is the Zone 2, Class 1, Div 2 Ex certified model for use in potentially explosive environments.