H1N1 outbreak drives manufacturer to visually connect engineers in Canada with manufacturing plant in Mexico using Onsight Mobile Collaboration

Librestream, the leader in mobile collaboration solutions, announced the first purchase of its Onsight system in direct response to the H1N1 outbreak. One of the key benefits of Onsight has always been its ability to dramatically reduce travel, however, this purchase was the first one driven entirely by a moratorium on travel due to a pandemic.

Onsight will be used to remotely train and mentor manufacturing staff in Mexico, monitor manufacturing processes, and inspect product quality from Canada. The staff in Mexico will stream live video to specialists in Canada while talking and sharing media to facilitate their work together remotely. The solution includes the Onsight 1000 mobile device for the manufacturing plant and multiple copies of Onsight Expert for the desktops of specialists who reside in Canada. Online training will also be provided for both the device operators in Mexico and experts in Canada to speed implementation.

“With H1N1 at a pandemic level of five out of six and countries like the US recommending that people avoid non-essential travel to Mexico, Onsight does provide a timely solution,” stated Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream. “Multinational companies usually invest in Onsight to save money and improve productivity, but risk mitigation is a growing area of importance. Our recent history of natural as well as man-made disasters has shown how our mobility is restricted during and after these events. Onsight provides businesses with a travel alternative that mitigates risk and ensures business continuity,” he added.