Freedom to Collaborate 

Boston, MA and Winnipeg, MB, September 10, 2006 – LibreStream Technologies Inc., experts in developing products for the mobile computing environment, has chosen the Fall VON Voice, Video and Vision Conference to introduce its n_sight Mobile Video Collaboration System.

n_sight is a revolutionary new tool providing real time two-way collaboration between personnel at the scene and experts in the office – featuring wireless mobility, broadband streaming media, high resolution voice, video and audio, on-screen drawing, and digital image capture/storage.

The n_sight system enhances productivity by allowing technical experts and remote operators to jointly view, consult, diagnose and resolve issues in the shortest amount of time at the lowest possible cost.

The n_sight Mobile Video Collaboration System can be used as a stand alone solution or it can leverage the benefits of an organization’s conferencing infrastructure by extending the reach away from the conference room and out into workplace, where mission critical issues need to be reviewed and dealt with on a real time basis.

n_sight will provide collaboration capabilities to locations previously inaccessible to real time collaboration such as: test labs, factory floors, service departments, remote suppliers, customer facilities, treatment centers, field deployments, and others. Industry applications include: high tech design and fabrication, high value machining and manufacturing, telemedicine, insurance claims management, resource exploration and production, public safety, first responders, and others.

The n_sight system includes the MCD1000 an innovative lightweight (720 grams) handheld device with an easy to use interface. Industry-standard technologies including Microsoft WinCE 5.0 and SIP-based session control have been used to create the system.