Librestream releases Onsight Version 4.2 with new bandwidth optimization features, usage data collection capabilities and general usability improvements.

Librestream, the leader in Mobile Collaboration solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Onsight Version 4.2. This new Onsight release includes multiple enhancements to optimize video collaboration in very low bandwidth environments including locations with satellite and cellular networks.

Onsight collaboration sessions now require less than 64 Kbps to collaborate fully with live video, audio and onscreen telestration. With this ultra low bandwidth video option, remote subject matter experts can assist colleagues in hard to reach locations such as oil platforms. In addition, Onsight includes a new Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming (BAS) feature that monitors network conditions and dynamically adjusts video parameters to improve overall call quality and stability on less reliable networks like cellular.

“These features were a direct response to current customers who faced network challenges as they expanded video collaboration further into their organizations. We felt it was essential to offer the ability to engage in a quality Onsight video collaboration session in under 64 Kbps. This ultra low bandwidth performance capability is being very positively received by our customers, especially in sectors such as oil and gas,” adds Kerry Thacher, CEO of Librestream.

The back office Onsight Management Suite software was also enhanced in the Version 2.2 release. In this new release, Onsight customers can now collect and export Onsight session statistics for business analysis and troubleshooting purposes.

Onsight Expert V4.2, Onsight Mobile 4.2 firmware, and Onsight Management Suite V2.2 are now available to Certified Solution Partners and customers who are on active maintenance plans. For more information on this software release, please contact your Librestream sales representative.

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Librestream Technologies Inc. is the leader in developing innovative mobile video collaboration solutions for field service, manufacturing, energy and public sector industries. Deployed globally on over 10 million devices, the Onsight video collaboration platform brings the eyes and ears of experts into the field virtually to immediately resolve issues and assess environments. Visit Librestream at and connect with us on Linkedin and Twitter.

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