Release Bulletins

May 2022 OPM Maintenance Release

Onsight Platform Manager v11.4.9.20173

Bug fixes:

11638 Improved notification wording when deleting users to make clear that Workspace user content is not deleted.
15609 Improved performance when deleting users.
16215 Fixed user import issue.

April 2022 OPM Maintenance Release

Onsight Platform Manager v11.4.8.19370

Bug fixes:

15214 User export fixed.
15292 Top Usage report fixed.

Onsight Transcripts and CV Custom Links Release 2022

Onsight Transcripts and CV Custom Links Release

Release Date: March 7, 2022

Onsight Transcripts

Augment reports and audits with downloadable & searchable transcripts of Onsight sessions. Auto-upload and transcribe the audio from Onsight Connect sessions. In Onsight Workspace, view, search, download and playback transcripts.

Computer Vision Custom Links

Provide on-the-job immediate access to relevant resources associated with objects identified by computer vision models. Link the recognized objects to webpages that host relevant resources such as videos, document, images or Onsight Flow digital work instructions jobs.

Onsight Workspace API – Webhooks

Expanding on our current Onsight Workspace API, Workspace webhooks notifies changes to workspace assets to efficiently keep these assets updated across all external systems. External systems can receive notifications from Workspace service events when content is created, modified or deleted. These notifications are in the form of customer-defined HTTP callbacks (webhooks) that initiate from Workspace to the external system.

Onsight Connect for HoloLens 2 Expanded Features

New features for Onsight Connect for HoloLens 2 include:

    • File management – browse images, file properties, share images
    • Improved Login support – now includes remember me prompt, SSO and QR code
    • Remote Video Privacy
    • Improved voice commands and UI/UX
    • Computer Vision custom links
    • Onsight Call API / Meta data
    • Proxy support


Onsight Transcripts and CV Customs Links Release Notes

Onsight Fall 2021 Release

Onsight Fall 2021 release includes Onsight platform and client improvements.

Release Date: November 29, 2021

Scheduled Anonymization

For customers who require data anonymization to meet privacy regulations, Librestream will enable Scheduled Anonymization. When Scheduled Anonymization is enabled, active users will automatically have their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) anonymized based on the Personal Data Retention Period (12 or 18 months). The username, email address and other PII will no longer be available for display in reports and call statistics. An anonymized pseudonym will be inserted in its place to prevent identification of the user and anonymized data for active users will be grouped into monthly segments.

Remote Video Privacy – option to require consent for remote video sharing requests

‘Require consent for remote video sharing requests’ gives customers greater control over video sharing during an Onsight call. When enabled, users must provide consent before a remote participant can view video from their camera. Video privacy is enhanced at sensitive locations by requiring users to provide consent before sharing video.

Client Policy – option to restrict ability to add manual contacts

A new option to decide whether users can add external contacts manually provides additional access control. When disabled, users can only select and add contacts from the Global directory.

Client Policy – option to select guest invite user mode

When enabled, users can choose the Onsight Connect experience for their guests by setting the user mode to either Expert or Field within the guest invite. This option provides users with the ability to match the experience to the guest user.

Onsight Connect for Android 11 Update

Updated Android 11 support to address an Onsight Cube connection issue.

China Android App Deployment/Redirection

Customers who have users in China or send Guest invites (SMS or email) to users in China can automatically direct them to the download location for Android, iOS and Windows in China. The Windows download is hosted on Librestream servers in China, the Android app is available from multiple China-based app stores, and iOS continues to be available from the App Store in China. By request, customers also have the option of using TeamLink servers in China for their China-based users to optimize call routing.

Note: for the Android stores, the Trademark™ in China is Librestream Onsight (not Librestream Onsight Connect). This App deployment is currently not available for custom branded applications.


Fall 2021 Release Notes

Onsight Summer 2021 Release

Onsight Summer 2021 release includes Onsight platform and client improvements.

Data Anonymization

When requested, Librestream can enable ‘Data Anonymization’ for your domain. When Data Anonymization is enabled, deleted users will automatically have their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) anonymized. The username, email address and other PII will no longer be available for display in Onsight Platform Manager (OPM) reports and call statistics. An anonymized pseudonym will be inserted in its place to prevent identification of the user. Call statistics, reports and events will still contain the anonymized data for analytics.

HoloLens 2 – File Management

Local file management is now available within Onsight Connect for HoloLens 2 to view, share and manage images and recordings. QR code login support is also included to streamline access to Onsight Connect on the HoloLens 2.

Workspace Webhooks for On-Premises

Using Workspace Webhooks, you can now automate content management with external systems through HTTP callbacks (Webhooks) as defined in OPM. An active Webhook will automatically notify the external system when Workspace creates, modifies or deletes an asset.

Video Enhancements

Onsight clients now include additional options to enhance video quality including adjustments to Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) defaults that optimize delivery of media packets in challenging environments and the ability to display the last best picture until full frame video packets are received. This new ‘Wait for Refresh on Lost Video Frame’ option is ideal for use cases where picture quality is more important than motion.

Android: 3 Participant Call Support

For customers with industrial Android devices and dedicated network infrastructure, a new option is available to add a 3rd call participant without needing a PC in the call as the host device. Note: this option requires Android 10 devices with a minimum of 3Mbps (bandwidth/network) and 2GB RAM.

Summer 2021 Release Notes

Onsight Spring 2021 Release

Onsight Spring 2021 Release including Auto call reconnect and Azure active directory


Onsight Connect – Auto Call Reconnect

Auto Call Reconnect is Librestream’s latest commitment to improving the user experience in Onsight calls. Poor network conditions can interrupt calls without warning and when this happens Onsight will notify all users in the call and automatically work to re-establish the connection

Guest Invite – Custom Fields and Form Options

You now have more options and greater control over Guest Invites and how they are used across your organization. You can include custom fields on the guest invite form to tag the invites for tracking how guest invites are used. You can also place greater discretion in the hands of your users as to the capabilities of your guests. For example, let your users decide whether the guest should be in expert or field mode when the invite is being sent or how long the guest account should be active.

Onsight Azure Active Directory – SCIM 2.0

Librestream is pleased to add Azure Active Directory – SCIM 2.0 support for our enterprise customers. Onsight users can now be managed from your enterprise’s AAD service closing the loop on user management life cycle.

Onsight Platform Manager – License Management – User Import

An OPM administrator can now manage license assignments using the Import utility. Add or modify license assignments by exporting the list of users, edit their license assignments directly in the .csv file and then import the list to apply the update.

Onsight Connect – UI Refresh  

We’ve listened to your feedback and have brought back the On share button. Also included is updated Settings panels with auto save when the back button is pressed.


Spring 2021 Release Notes

Onsight Winter 2020 Release

Onsight Winter 2020 Release introduces Screen Sharing and UI Refresh


Onsight Connect for Windows – Screen Sharing

Librestream is pleased to add screen sharing capabilities to Onsight Connect for Windows. Screen sharing allows instant access to resources such as videos office backend services, documentation, schematics, and other 3rd party systems to workers when engaging with remote experts in Onsight calls. (Available for Enterprise and Pro users.)

Onsight Connect – UI Refresh

All Onsight apps have received a modern User Interface update to Onsight’s latest brand refresh in order to provide an enhanced user experience.

Natural Language Processing – Updated Language Support

Supported languages include: Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, French (Canada), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Winter 2020 Release Notes

Onsight Summer 2020 Release v11.2

Onsight Summer 2020 Release introduces Onsight Translator (NLP), Custom Messages, Guest Invite API and Workspace On-Premises


Onsight Translator (NLP) – Enterprise Early Access Program

Librestream is pleased to announce the Natural Language Processing capabilities of the Onsight Translator – Early Access Program for Onsight Connect. Onsight Translator provides real-time translated captions during Onsight calls.

For information on the Early Access Program, please contact your account manager or email us at

Custom Messages

Onsight Administrators can now add custom messages appearing at login or prior to recording allowing for security clearance, GDPR, company policy agreements, etc. Users must accept the terms in order to proceed with login or recordings

Guest Invite APIs

The Onsight Guest Invite API expands the existing Onsight integration options and allows external systems to leverage the benefits of the Onsight platform in established workflows.

This API provides the following:

  • Creating Onsight guest accounts and sending invitations through email or SMS
  • Querying and retrieving existing guest accounts and the invitation status
  • Modifying and resending invitations to guests
  • Modifying guest account properties
  • Deleting guest accounts

Workspace On-Premises

Workspace On-Premises brings content management to your private networks including full integration with OPM-OP, Workspace REST API and clients.


Summer 2020 Release Notes

Onsight Spring 2020 Release v11

Onsight Spring 2020 Release introduces Computer Vision, IoT, Guest Invite APIs and Cube Body Thermal Mode


Computer Vision and IoT – Enterprise Early Access Program

Librestream is pleased to announce the Computer Vision (CV) and IoT capabilities’ Early Access Program for Onsight Connect. Optimize asset recognition, auto-tag and search with Onsight Computer Vision. Deliver critical data to workers in the field using Onsight IoT Aggregation & Visualization.

For information on the CV and IoT Early Access Program, please contact your account manager or email us at

Guest Invite APIs

The Onsight Guest Invite API expands the existing Onsight integration options and allows external systems to leverage the benefits of the Onsight platform in established workflows.

This API provides the following:​

  • Creating Onsight guest accounts and sending invitations through email or SMS
  • Querying and retrieving existing guest accounts and the invitation status​
  • Modifying and resending invitations to guests​
  • Modifying guest account properties​

Cube Body Thermal Mode

The Onsight Cube-R and Cube-Ex have expanded thermal capabilities with the addition of Body thermal mode for temperature screening of individuals. Select the Skin emissivity setting to display an onscreen color bar indicating the body temperature range to guide relative temperature comparisons. Monochrome coloring in the image indicates objects that are outside of the body temperature range.

Body mode distinguishes relative temperature differences within +/-0.625°C or +/-1.125°F.  A thermal reference target of 35°C / 95°F is used to identify relative temperature differences.


Spring 2020 Release Notes

Onsight Connect Maintenance Release v10.2.1

Onsight Windows, Android and iOS Clients

  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.


Onsight Winter ’19 Release

Onsight Winter ’19 Release delivers Windows Cube Support, Workspace API, Guest Invite Resend with Guest Reporting, and Expanded Language support


Windows Cube Support

The Onsight Cube-R and Cube-EX are now supported by Windows PCs and tablets connecting over Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi Direct. OC Windows users can now access the Cube and its thermal capabilities.

Workspace Media API

Workspace media assets can be retrieved remotely using the Workspace Media API for use in 3rd party integrations. All metadata tags, images, video and audio stored in Workspace are searchable and available for download.

Guest Invite Resend

Guest Invite resend adds the ability to resend SMS or email invites. If a guest invite has expired and a user hasn’t deleted the guest from their Contacts, the user can press the Resend button and issue a new invite to the same user with either the SMS or email details that were used previously.

Guest Invite Summary Report

The OPM Guest Invite Summary report includes the Date Sent, Sender’s name, Email, Phone number, Invite status, and other message properties.

Expanded Language Support

Onsight Connect: iOS, Android, Windows and RealWear (including voice commands) will include support for Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Swedish, Russian, and Korean.

OC for Windows: Toshiba dynaEdge/AR100 Smart glasses

Onsight Connect for Windows is now supported on Toshiba dynaEdge AR 100 smart glasses.


Onsight Connect Maintenance Release v10.1.2

  • Audio, TeamLink, and OPM improvements.
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Onsight Fall ’19 Release

Onsight Fall ’19 Release delivers Opus Audio Codec, Guest Invite Status and Reporting, and Expanded Language options

The specific changes include the following:

Opus Audio Codec

Now supported by all clients, for superior interactive speech quality over low bandwidth networks, due to the variable bit rate codec. Forward Error Correction ensures that packet loss can be recovered on poor networks, reducing audio blips. Backwards compatible with previous Onsight versions that support G.711 and GSM. .

Guest Invite – Status, Reporting and Sender receives a copy

Guest invite status is now displayed beside the Guest User’s name in the Contact list. Also, when ‘Confirmation’ is enabled for invites, the sender of a guest invite also receives a full copy of the invite via email, whether the invite was sent by SMS or email. Guest Users can also be filtered in reports.

Windows High-Res Image Support

High-Res Image support added to OC for Windows for embedded cameras and USB Webcams.

Expanded Language Support

Spanish support for Connect: iOS, Android, Windows and Realwear apps. Realwear Voice Commands added for Spanish, French & Simplified Chinese.

Onsight Platform Release v10

Onsight Platform Version 10 delivers Capture Mode, Connectors and expanded License options

The specific changes include the following:

Capture Mode

Onsight Connect now provides offline access to smartphone cameras and Onsight devices such as the Cube and Hub without requiring an Onsight user login. On the login screen, press the Capture Mode button and begin capturing images and recordings from your selected video source.

Workspace Contributor

Onsight Workspace now includes a new license option called Workspace Contributor. Customers can assign Contributor licenses to partners, suppliers and third-party collaborators to centralize content from the field for improved diagnostics.

New License Options

Administrators can now assign license types to individuals and groups within Onsight Platform Manager. Each license type can be used on its own or in combination with another license to assign capabilities to your users. E.g. Connect Enterprise with Workspace Contributor or Connect Enterprise with Workspace Enterprise.

API Connectors

Call and Workspace connectors are now available for customers who wish to integrate their back-office systems with the Onsight Connect and Onsight Workspace.

Onsight Connect Maintenance Release v9.2.15

  • Reporting enhancements including:
    • new report filter fields including country, department, region, and custom fields
    • a new license usage report
    • an option to include usage statistics in the user export list
  • Media configurations are now easily selected from a drop-down list on the Video Settings & Stats panel.
  • The Focus button is only enabled when manual focus is supported by the camera.