Onsight Transcripts and CV Custom Links 2022

Release Date: March 7, 2022


New Features

Onsight Transcripts

Augment reports and audits with downloadable & searchable transcripts of Onsight sessions. Auto-upload and transcribe the audio from Onsight Connect sessions. In Onsight Workspace, view, search, download and playback transcripts.

Affected Documents:

  1. How To Access Transcripts in Onsight Workspace (New)
  2. Onsight Transcripts Video (New)
  3. Onsight Connect User Guide — Changes to page 18.
  4. OPM Admin Guide — Changes to page 106.
  5. Onsight RealWear User Guide — Changes to page 3.

Computer Vision Custom Links

Provide on-the-job immediate access to relevant resources associated with objects identified by computer vision models. Link the recognized objects to webpages that host relevant resources such as videos, document, images or Onsight Flow digital work instructions jobs.


Onsight Workspace API – Webhooks

Expanding on our current Onsight Workspace API, Workspace webhooks notifies changes to workspace assets to efficiently keep these assets updated across all external systems. External systems can receive notifications from Workspace service events when content is created, modified or deleted. These notifications are in the form of customer-defined HTTP callbacks (webhooks) that initiate from Workspace to the external system.


Onsight Connect for HoloLens 2 Expanded Features

New features for Onsight Connect for HoloLens 2 include:

    • File management – browse images, file properties, share images
    • Improved Login support – now includes remember me prompt, SSO and QR code
    • Remote Video Privacy
    • Improved voice commands and UI/UX
    • Computer Vision custom links
    • Onsight Call API / Meta data
    • Proxy support

Affected Documents:

  1. How To Use Onsight Connect for HoloLens-2 — Changes on page 3, and added a new section for File Management on page 4.


Released Versions

Onsight Connect




Onsight Platform Manager
Onsight Platform Manager – On Premises
Onsight Workspace 11.4.818667
Onsight Workspace API 2022.23.18782
NLP API 2022.2.24.18836
CV/IoT API 2022.2.24.18836


Resolved Issues


Onsight Connect Platform

2485 Removed the domain expiry notice for standard users. Administrators will receive the domain expiry notice.
6669 SCIM extended Onsight User fields schema now available. Region, FederatedSsoId, Licenses and AccountExpiryTime.
7787 Onsight Connect for Hololens is now license controlled. It must be enabled in a domain to allow logins.
11294 Fixed – Media config is now correctly set on connection.
13855 Fixed – some Onsight Conference call participants are not listed on Call details.


Onsight Connect for Windows

12204 Fixed media configuration on connection getting set to Low when call starts.
14326 Fixed SSO login not completing.


Onsight Connect for iOS

11045 Fixed app crash on SSO with offline-login enabled.
14358 Fixed auto-login on guest invite or branded apps.


Onsight Connect for Android

10310 Fixed Wi-Fi direct inconsistency when connecting to the Cube from capture mode.
15199 Replaces build 18884 with build 19056 to fix login error on some devices.
15283 Replaces build 19056 with build 192115 to fix blocked call notifications on locked screens.


Onsight Connect for RealWear HMT

5768 Fixed the Illumination button being disabled on the remote participants when streaming video from HMT.
13186 Fixed voice commands for Portuguese (Brazil).


Onsight Platform Manager

739  Fixed export issue on heatmaps.
8970  Fixed verbose error message.
12182  Fixed scrolling issue on heat map.
12926 Fixed login reports on heatmaps.
11239 Can now view and export custom fields columns in usage reports.


Onsight Workspace

13353 Log4j library update to remove unused code. This fixes potential false positives in vulnerability scans.