Onsight Fall ’19 Release

Onsight Fall ’19 Release delivers Opus Audio Codec, Guest Invite Status and Reporting, and Expanded Language options

The specific changes include the following:

Opus Audio Codec

Now supported by all clients, for superior interactive speech quality over low bandwidth networks, due to the variable bit rate codec. Forward Error Correction ensures that packet loss can be recovered on poor networks, reducing audio blips. Backwards compatible with previous Onsight versions that support G.711 and GSM. .

Guest Invite – Status, Reporting and Sender receives a copy

Guest invite status is now displayed beside the Guest User’s name in the Contact list. Also, when ‘Confirmation’ is enabled for invites, the sender of a guest invite also receives a full copy of the invite via email, whether the invite was sent by SMS or email. Guest Users can also be filtered in reports.

Windows High-Res Image Support

High-Res Image support added to OC for Windows for embedded cameras and USB Webcams.

Expanded Language Support

Spanish support for Connect: iOS, Android, Windows and Realwear apps. Realwear Voice Commands added for Spanish, French & Simplified Chinese.

Onsight Platform Release v10

Onsight Platform Version 10 delivers Capture Mode, Connectors and expanded License options

The specific changes include the following:

Capture Mode

Onsight Connect now provides offline access to smartphone cameras and Onsight devices such as the Cube and Hub without requiring an Onsight user login. On the login screen, press the Capture Mode button and begin capturing images and recordings from your selected video source.

Workspace Contributor

Onsight Workspace now includes a new license option called Workspace Contributor. Customers can assign Contributor licenses to partners, suppliers and third-party collaborators to centralize content from the field for improved diagnostics.

New License Options

Administrators can now assign license types to individuals and groups within Onsight Platform Manager. Each license type can be used on its own or in combination with another license to assign capabilities to your users. E.g. Connect Enterprise with Workspace Contributor or Connect Enterprise with Workspace Enterprise.

API Connectors

Call and Workspace connectors are now available for customers who wish to integrate their back-office systems with the Onsight Connect and Onsight Workspace.

Onsight Connect Maintenance Release v9.2.15

  • Reporting enhancements including:
    • new report filter fields including country, department, region, and custom fields
    • a new license usage report
    • an option to include usage statistics in the user export list
  • Media configurations are now easily selected from a drop-down list on the Video Settings & Stats panel.
  • The Focus button is only enabled when manual focus is supported by the camera.


Onsight Platform Release v9.2

Expanded Language Support

French and Chinese (Simplified) are now supported in OPM Client Communications, Onsight Connect on Windows, Smartphones, and Tablets.

ONSIGHT CUBE Direct WI-FI Connection with iOS Devices

Connect your iOS device directly to the Cube without the need for existing wireless infrastructure. Requires a cellular network for Onsight and call services when directly connecting via Wi-Fi with the Cube.

Onsight Cube File Management

Onsight Connect now provides integrated file management for images and recordings captured and stored directly on the Cube

ONSIGHT Cube Power Management

Cube Power Off Timeout setting added for power management. When the Cube is not the active Video Source but is still paired with the host device, you can now configure when the Cube powers off after being idle.

Bluetooth Headset Audio Improvements for Smartphones

Improved audio quality over Bluetooth headsets.


Onsight Maintenance Release v9.1

Telestration Thickness Control

Supported by all Onsight clients, adjust the thickness of live Telestration during a call and playback. Telestration in recordings and images will be saved with the thickness setting used in the call.

Includes Bug Fixes, refer to client release notes for details.

Onsight Platform Manager Release V9.1.18

Onsight Platform Manager

OPM Version 9.1.18 expands the core functionality in Reporting, Customization, Group Policy, and External Guest invites. The specific changes include the following:

Heat Maps

User Activity can now be viewed as quantity-based graphics on maps. There are two types available when the ‘Advanced Reporting’ feature is enabled for a domain: Login Activity and Call Statistics. The bigger the dot, the more activity at that location on the map.

User Custom Fields

The OPM Administrator can now add Custom Fields and define the values for the fields. In an upcoming release, these fields will be able to be used as a filter and be exported in reports.

User Account Information

View additional status/details on the User page including Country, Last Call, Last Callee name and last Workspace login. User Custom Fields are also displayed.

Bandwidth Reports

Bandwidth is now reported in duration and MB consumed per User Account and can be filtered for Top Usage, Least Usage, Device type, and Cellular vs Non-Cellular (wired and wireless).

Customization – Test Emails and SMS Messages

When editing Email and SMS templates, preview them by sending test Emails and/or SMS messages.

Customization – Reply to Address

OPM can now be configured to use a custom Reply-to-address for system emails.

External Guest – Invitation Defaults

OPM can now be configured to use the Inviter’s Email Address as the From-email-address when sending External Guest Invites. The guest will now see the Guest invite as coming directly from the Inviter. OPM User Accounts must have an email address configured in order to use this feature.

Group Policy – Default Contact Lists

The OPM Administrator can now add Custom Contact lists on a per Group basis. When a group is added to the contact list, the group members will automatically appear in the Contact List when a user logs in to an Onsight Connect client.



Onsight Collaboration Platform v9.1

Onsight Connect

Common User Interface

Onsight Connect for iOS now shares the common user interface with Onsight Connect for Android and Windows. This common interface provides access to all controls while in the main Viewer window.

Take and Share High Resolution Pictures

High Resolution pictures can now be shared when this capability is supported by the camera device. The Image Capture Resolution setting determines the maximum resolution. High resolution pictures can also be shared from the Camera Roll or Gallery of your mobile device at the native resolution captured.

File System Improvements

When in Files, the currently shared picture is highlighted with a blue border and identified with the ON icon. This updated display allows you to easily identify which picture is currently being shared when searching for other content. During a call, telestration is also automatically updated on the picture thumbnail that is shown in Files.

Copy Pictures to Gallery/Camera Roll

Connect can now automatically copy pictures to the Camera Roll or Gallery of the mobile device for easy integration with other work processes. This feature can be controlled by your Client Policy.

Onsight Cube Support

Connect for iOS and Android now support the Onsight Cube industrial wearable. To pair with the Cube, the mobile device requires iOS v10 or higher and Android v5.1 or higher.  With iOS, the Cube uses WiFi-Infrastructure to act as the network to stream Cube video to your mobile device. With Android, the Cube uses WiFi-Direct to act as the network to stream Cube video to your smart phone in addition to WiFi-Infrastructure support.

Onsight Workspace

Video Editing

Workspace now includes a new Video Trimming Tool to edit existing video recordings. Users can adjust the start and end times of the video to create a video segment without overwriting the original file.

Dimensioning Data

Dimensioning data from the Onsight Smartcam can now be viewed within Workspace video and images.

Content Deletion

A new Trash feature allows users to delete images from their Workspace. The Workspace Administrator manages the Trash folder and can permanently delete or restore items as required.

Onsight Platform Manager


Additional data and filters were added to the Reporting capability within Onsight Platform Manager (OPM). Reports can now be filtered by Group to track and analyze usage by user groups.

Onsight Cube Support

OPM now manages firmware updates for the Onsight Cube. Use Check for Updates to see when new firmware is available.



Onsight Connect for iOS v9.0.18 Maintenance Release

Resolves issues with iOS 11.3 and higher.

Onsight Connect v9.0 Maintenance Release

Onsight Call Connectivity

Call connectivity improvements include sip registration, network interface status detection, firewall detect testing, and audio quality.

Force Media Relay

An increasing number of networks are blocking peer to peer traffic including Onsight media. To mitigate this development, we are introducing a new setting called Force Media Relay. This option allows you to always routes Onsight Media (voice, video, and data) through the Librestream Media Servers.

New Customers will default to Force Media Relay – enabled. Existing Customers settings will be set to Force Media Relay – disabled (This allows peer to peer traffic between clients on the same network); OPM Admins can control Force Media Relay via Client Policy.

Onsight Collaboration Platform v9.0

Onsight Collaboration Platform  v9.0 introduces:

Onsight Workspace

Onsight Workspace provides a specialized content solution that enables teams to create, access, and share files securely across difficult industrial environments.  As an integrated solution with Onsight Connect, teams can upload images and recordings directly from offline or live collaboration sessions for later review in Workspace.

For more information please visit Onsight Workspace.

Snip and Share Tool

Onsight Connect for Windows includes a Snip Tool for capturing content on your screen and sharing the visuals in Onsight calls. Using the Snip Tool, teams can quickly take and share a snapshot of material such as a product manuals or schematic.  Accessible from the Control menu.

Advanced Telestration AR Tools

Expanded telestration tools including the ability to select and draw a Square, Line, Arrow and Circle in addition to freehand drawings. This expanded toolset includes a new text box option to overlay on top of live video, recordings or images.



Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.2

Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.2 introduces Dimensioning to our Onsight Products.

All Onsight Clients now include Dimensioning (measurement data) support for Onsight 5000HD Rugged Smart Cam generated media including video and snapshots.

For more information please visit Onsight 5000HD Rugged Smartcam Dimensioning.


Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.1

Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.1 introduces significant updates to our Onsight Products. The specific changes include the following:

  • EXPANDED ENDPOINTS including Onsight 5000HD rugged smart camera
  • SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) support for added control and ease
  • Enhanced USAGE REPORTS such as ‘Top Usage’ and ‘Overall Usage Summary’
  • Expanded CLIENT POLICIES, e.g. custom media configurations to optimize performance
  • New CLIENT PERMISSIONS to control features users can modify
  • Hosted and ON PREMISES infrastructure options
  • Keypad input for Secure TELEPRESENCE/VIDEO bridge calls support
  • New user interface additions such as CAMERA CONTROL for Windows PC users


Please note that the name Onsight Account Manager (OAM) is changing to Onsight Platform Manager (OPM) to reflect how teams can centrally manage user licences and Librestream hardware.