Librestream’s Remote Expert Augmented Reality Solution Selected by Renault Trucks UK & Ireland to Power Increased Uptime and Productivity


Onsight software and RealWear HMT-1 solution power expedited technical and warranty services for transport dealers

Oct. 6, 2020, WINNIPEG, MB—Librestream, a leading provider of augmented worker enterprise solutions is pleased to announce that its Onsight remote expert software has been integrated into Renault Trucks’ Optiview offering. Renault Trucks, a top manufacturer of light and heavy goods vehicles and transport solutions, has rolled out its Optiview across its 71-strong network of UK & Ireland dealers. In addition to Librestream’s industry-leading software, the Optiview service also integrates RealWear® HMT-1® headsets, together combining to create a solution that enables Renault Trucks to provide a hands-free remote support service for their dealerships.

With standing costs at $450/day on average, the downtime impact adds up quickly for owners. Using Onsight remote expert software, dealership technicians can immediately collaborate with Renault Trucks engineers via their computer or mobile devices. Together, the teams can talk, see live video, and draw onscreen to expedite asset inspections, equipment diagnostics and warranty claims.

Andrew Walker, Technical and Warranty Manager at Renault Trucks, shared, “Prior to Optiview, approximately 10-15% of warranty-based service calls required one of our specialized field engineers to travel to the dealership. With this new service, we expect a 5-fold reduction of in-person visits, resulting in significant time savings for all parties – owners, dealerships and Renault Trucks. Other benefits from this approach to customer support will be a reduction in green-house emissions with fewer miles travelled, which meets the Renault Trucks vision of improvements for the global environment.”

Renault Trucks using Onsight

Using Optiview, dealership technicians can extend collaboration to include colleagues in other dealership locations for cross-training and troubleshooting. In the future, dealerships are also considering opportunities to work directly with owners who experience break-downs on the road. The global expansion of Optiview across other Renault Trucks geographies is a natural next step and regional trials are already underway.

Mike Murphy, VP International Operations at Librestream, stated, “Renault Trucks has sent a strong message of investment and innovation to their dealerships and customers in the UK & Ireland. With Optiview, they have invested in higher levels of service that will differentiate them in the market. Being selected as the enabling technology for this solution is an honor and we look forward to working with Renault Trucks as they expand their deployment across other geographic regions.”

Jon Arnold, Vice President of EMEA at RealWear said, “We’re thrilled that Renault Trucks selected RealWear’s HMT-1 hands-free collaboration headsets with Librestream to be deployed across UK and Ireland. This is an inspiring example of how our reality-first, voice-enabled device can be seamlessly integrated into operations to improve productivity while empowering the firstline worker to achieve even more.”

In addition to accelerated service and productivity gains, this new approach provides additional benefits such as improved on-the-job training, faster warranty claims and worker safety with significantly fewer miles travelled.

Walker and Murphy will share an in-depth project case study at RealWear’s Remote Connect Europe virtual event on October 7. Learn more about the event here. Visit for more information on the Librestream platform, or sign up for the Remote Expert Accelerator Program to experience the solution for free.


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