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REmote expert accelerator Program


We are providing FREE access to the world’s leading remote expert software: Onsight


  • 30-day access to Onsight Connect and Onsight Workspace
  • 20 user licenses with guest invite access with contractors, customers and more.
  • Managed service with pre-set configuration
  • 1-on-1 goal setting session
  • Virtual training, best practice and remote expert guides.
  • Exclusive discount towards purchase of Onsight within 30 days end trial period
  • Access to our 60 Page industry guide on remote expert solutions filled with work sheets, industry best practices and more.

This is a free offer for enterprises that qualify, no purchase necessary. 


Onsight is the most widely used remote expert software, deployed in over 120 countries. Onsight delivers a fully collaborative environment to rapidly troubleshoot, inspect, and resolve issues in the field. The advanced Artificial Intelligence and IoT visualization capabilities create intelligent data that enhances decision making and informs machine learning models. Onsight remote assist software powers a full range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart glasses for a consistent experience that fits all use cases and environments across a wide-range of industries.


Here is a short introductory video on the Librestream Onsight Platform in action.