Librestream’s Onsight Augmented Reality Platform is Selected by Safran for Remote Assistance Within Service Operations and Manufacturing


Librestream, leading provider of augmented reality enterprise solutions, is pleased to announce that Safran, an international high technology group operating in the aviation (propulsion, equipment and interiors), defense and space markets, selected its Onsight augmented reality platform for remote customer support, internal services and manufacturing.

Safran Helicopter Engines first launched a remote assistance service called Expert Link in early 2018 powered by this Librestream technology. Using this solution, helicopter operators connect immediately with remote Safran experts for technical diagnostics and preventive maintenance tasks through a live video and audio feed. 18 months after its launch, the service counts over 1 000 visual assistance calls per year and covers 40 countries. Safran Helicopter Engines also uses this technology internally in all its repair centers worldwide for test bench maintenance and non-destructive testing. With this expanded agreement, Safran Group will expand the use of this technology across its business units.

“Remote assistance solutions will enhance our proximity and reactivity with an immediate access to our worldwide network of experts. And with the Librestream platform, Safran customers benefit from a plug-and-play solution and an intuitive interface that is very easy to use,” said François Tarel, head of digital transformation at Safran Group. “Product support and service teams will use remote assistance solutions for remote diagnostics, assistance, and training as part of our service range and for industrial enhancements.”

The Onsight platform includes augmented reality-based remote expert software that runs on a broad range of mobile devices, wearables, and Windows-based computers. The solution features a secure datalink and includes accessories such as the Onsight Hub, an IoT connector that attaches otherwise unconnected test instruments to add live data and specialized visuals.

“Enterprises require technologies that can integrate and scale across their operations. We are pleased that Safran Group has chosen Librestream to deploy enterprise-wide to build on the value experienced by Safran Helicopter Engines,” stated John Bishop, Librestream President and CEO. “Safran has already identified many new applications such as analyzing defects during production, improving uptime of production equipment, and optimizing asset availability in the field. We expect to work closely with Safran on this expanded company-wide deployment, including our upcoming platform advancements.”