Onsight Connect for Android with Onsight Collaboration Hub Support


Onsight Connect for Android 8.0 introduces a redesigned UI and full compatibility with the Onsight Collaboration Hub. The specific changes include the following:

  • Onsight Connect for Android
    • Streamlined user interface and knowIedge base access.
    • Improved Audio Latency for BGAN Satellite
    • Compatibility with Onsight Collaboration Hub (v2017)
  • Onsight Collaboration Hub compatibility with Onsight Connect for Android including HD resolutions up to 720p and 1080p at 30 fps.

Onsight Platform Release v7.1

Onsight Version 7.1 expands the core functionality with new privacy options, provides improved integration with TLS v1.2 and Cisco CMR support, and enhances the initial v7.0 interface improvement to the Onsight Connect for Windows software. The specific changes include the following:

  • Onsight Connect for Windows – continued improvements to simplify the user interface including Contacts, Call History, File System, Viewer, Search, and Global Directory.
  • Individual Privacy setting controls for local images and/or recordings across all Onsight endpoints.
  • TLS v1.2 protocol support across the Onsight platform.
  • WebEx Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) support for all Onsight endpoints.
  • Onsight Connect for iOS – smaller application download size.

Onsight Connect for Android v7.0.10

  • Full Support for Expert mode – users can now access all features and settings available to the Onsight Connect Plaform. (The Previous release only supported Field Mode.)
  • Note: HD video resolutions are not supported.

Onsight Collaboration Hub v2016.1.11.1438

  • Improved compatibility with a wide range of HDMI and VGA video sources.

Onsight Connect for Windows Version 7.0.36

  • Enhanced User Interface for simplicity and consistency across all Onsight endpoints. Optimized design for Windows PC and tablets.
  • Integrated Camera Support – Stream video from Windows PC’s and tablets compatible with Windows Media Foundation Drivers with UVC 1.1 compliance.
  • HD Video Support including 1080p30 and 720p30.
  • Enhanced Support Tools – Export and Email logs to Librestream Support

Onsight Connect for Windows Version 6.7.5

  • Maintenance Release: Multiple Network Interfaces selection enhancement
  • Upgrading to v6.7.5 is recommended if you have multiple network interfaces active and have experienced issues connecting to the TeamLink service.

Onsight Connect for Onsight Rugged Smart Cameras Version 7.0.10

  • Setup Wizard for simplified configuration
  • Compatibility with HD video capable Onsight devices.
  • Touch Tone Keypad (DTMF tones) for entering a conference bridge ID
  • SHA-2 Certificate Support

Onsight Connect for iOS Version 7.0.14

  • Onsight Connect now supports iOS9.
  • Supports HD video between iOS devices.
  • As part of the Enhanced Management Service Onsight Connect Supports User Mode – Expert or Field. Expert mode is the classic view of the UI, Field mode offers a simplified UI and reduced feature set for Field workers or customer applications.

Onsight Connect for Android Version 6.7.8

  • Onsight Connect now supports Anroid v4.1 and up.
  • Currently available in Field Mode for Android devices, Onsight Connect is very simple for field workers to use. Remote experts control the collaboration session and camera using Onsight Connect Expert Mode on their Windows or iOS devices.