Onsight Connect for iOS v9.0.18 Maintenance Release

Resolves issues with iOS 11.3 and higher.

Onsight Connect v9.0 Maintenance Release

Onsight Call Connectivity

Call connectivity improvements include sip registration, network interface status detection, firewall detect testing, and audio quality.

Force Media Relay

An increasing number of networks are blocking peer to peer traffic including Onsight media. To mitigate this development, we are introducing a new setting called Force Media Relay. This option allows you to always routes Onsight Media (voice, video, and data) through the Librestream Media Servers.

New Customers will default to Force Media Relay – enabled. Existing Customers settings will be set to Force Media Relay – disabled (This allows peer to peer traffic between clients on the same network); OPM Admins can control Force Media Relay via Client Policy.

Onsight Collaboration Platform v9.0

Onsight Collaboration Platform  v9.0 introduces:

Onsight Workspace

Onsight Workspace provides a specialized content solution that enables teams to create, access, and share files securely across difficult industrial environments.  As an integrated solution with Onsight Connect, teams can upload images and recordings directly from offline or live collaboration sessions for later review in Workspace.

For more information please visit Onsight Workspace.

Snip and Share Tool

Onsight Connect for Windows includes a Snip Tool for capturing content on your screen and sharing the visuals in Onsight calls. Using the Snip Tool, teams can quickly take and share a snapshot of material such as a product manuals or schematic.  Accessible from the Control menu.

Advanced Telestration AR Tools

Expanded telestration tools including the ability to select and draw a Square, Line, Arrow and Circle in addition to freehand drawings. This expanded toolset includes a new text box option to overlay on top of live video, recordings or images.



Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.2

Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.2 introduces Dimensioning to our Onsight Products.

All Onsight Clients now include Dimensioning (measurement data) support for Onsight 5000HD Rugged Smart Cam generated media including video and snapshots.

For more information please visit Onsight 5000HD Rugged Smartcam Dimensioning.


Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.1

Onsight Collaboration Platform v8.1 introduces significant updates to our Onsight Products. The specific changes include the following:

  • EXPANDED ENDPOINTS including Onsight 5000HD rugged smart camera
  • SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) support for added control and ease
  • Enhanced USAGE REPORTS such as ‘Top Usage’ and ‘Overall Usage Summary’
  • Expanded CLIENT POLICIES, e.g. custom media configurations to optimize performance
  • New CLIENT PERMISSIONS to control features users can modify
  • Hosted and ON PREMISES infrastructure options
  • Keypad input for Secure TELEPRESENCE/VIDEO bridge calls support
  • New user interface additions such as CAMERA CONTROL for Windows PC users


Please note that the name Onsight Account Manager (OAM) is changing to Onsight Platform Manager (OPM) to reflect how teams can centrally manage user licences and Librestream hardware.

Onsight Connect for Android with Onsight Collaboration Hub Support


Onsight Connect for Android 8.0 introduces a redesigned UI and full compatibility with the Onsight Collaboration Hub. The specific changes include the following:

  • Onsight Connect for Android
    • Streamlined user interface and knowIedge base access.
    • Improved Audio Latency for BGAN Satellite
    • Compatibility with Onsight Collaboration Hub (v2017)
  • Onsight Collaboration Hub compatibility with Onsight Connect for Android including HD resolutions up to 720p and 1080p at 30 fps.

Onsight Platform Release v7.1

Onsight Version 7.1 expands the core functionality with new privacy options, provides improved integration with TLS v1.2 and Cisco CMR support, and enhances the initial v7.0 interface improvement to the Onsight Connect for Windows software. The specific changes include the following:

  • Onsight Connect for Windows – continued improvements to simplify the user interface including Contacts, Call History, File System, Viewer, Search, and Global Directory.
  • Individual Privacy setting controls for local images and/or recordings across all Onsight endpoints.
  • TLS v1.2 protocol support across the Onsight platform.
  • WebEx Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) support for all Onsight endpoints.
  • Onsight Connect for iOS – smaller application download size.

Onsight Connect for Android v7.0.10

  • Full Support for Expert mode – users can now access all features and settings available to the Onsight Connect Plaform. (The Previous release only supported Field Mode.)
  • Note: HD video resolutions are not supported.

Onsight Collaboration Hub v2016.1.11.1438

  • Improved compatibility with a wide range of HDMI and VGA video sources.

Onsight Connect for Windows Version 7.0.36

  • Enhanced User Interface for simplicity and consistency across all Onsight endpoints. Optimized design for Windows PC and tablets.
  • Integrated Camera Support – Stream video from Windows PC’s and tablets compatible with Windows Media Foundation Drivers with UVC 1.1 compliance.
  • HD Video Support including 1080p30 and 720p30.
  • Enhanced Support Tools – Export and Email logs to Librestream Support

Onsight Connect for Windows Version 6.7.5

  • Maintenance Release: Multiple Network Interfaces selection enhancement
  • Upgrading to v6.7.5 is recommended if you have multiple network interfaces active and have experienced issues connecting to the TeamLink service.

Onsight Connect for Onsight Rugged Smart Cameras Version 7.0.10

  • Setup Wizard for simplified configuration
  • Compatibility with HD video capable Onsight devices.
  • Touch Tone Keypad (DTMF tones) for entering a conference bridge ID
  • SHA-2 Certificate Support