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Solving Critical Challenges with Onsight

Over the next decade, many electric & gas utilities will lose 50% of their workforce to retirement. The impending retirement wave will include field technicians, managers, supervisors, and clerical and administrative staff and will result in organizations losing critical knowledge. To help overcome this challenge and train new workers more efficiently, utilities are increasingly adopting digital transformation technologies like remote experts, digital twins, and augmented reality (AR)/mixed reality.

When critical organizational knowledge is lost, it creates room for errors, and in the electric & gas utility industry, an error can put workers in dangerous and sometimes even fatal situations and have a negative impact on customers. So, it is critical that organizations build a knowledge network designed to help their existing and new workers access the right data, people, and content they need when they need it to perform their job safely.

Using the Onsight augmented reality platform, workforces can collaborate with remote experts on any device, record sessions, take HD images, follow step-by-step workflow instructions, and tag data using IoT and AI computer vision. Workers can also access relevant manuals, inspection records, and other relevant data on a secure knowledge base with the push of a button.  With this technology, the utility industry can ensure that workforces have the data, information, and knowledge they need long after their critical field workers retire.

Our utility clients commonly use Onsight to:

  • Reduce overall O&M spending
  • Retrofit and upgrade major assets
  • Perform operator rounds more effectively
  • Manage radiation exposure in nuclear plants and reduce the cost of dose management
  • Complete remote inspections and efficiency audits such as NERC FAC-008
  • Limit secondary dispatch in the field and reduce truck rolls
  • Perform quality assurance and compliance audits
  • Train and onboard new workers

Using our advanced AR enterprise solution, our clients have substantially lowered O&M costs, improved worker and customer safety, reduced truck rolls, and enhanced rollout efficiency.

If you're exploring available technologies for your organization, give our 'Powering The Utilities Workforce of The Future' whitepaper a read. This report explores the workforces challenges in utilities and how digital transformation can overcome them.

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20 %
Accelerated time to issue resolution
3 x
Increase in # of daily inspections
70 %
Increase in total productivity hours