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Defense Operations and Sustainment

In 2018, the U.S. government accountability office (GAO) reported that the Air Force generally did not meet key aircraft availability goals. Poor record sharing and maintenance planning were cited as critical reasons affecting asset availability. An augmented reality (AR) platform with remote expert and knowledge–sharing capabilities can help the defense industry improve asset availability and reduce downtime. Whether assistance is needed on–site for mission-ready equipment, manufacturing quality inspections, or remote field inspections, augmented reality in defense connects military personnel, contractors, and more for faster decision making, streamlined communications and efficient in-depth training from global SMEs. Using the Onsight augmented reality solution, the defense industry can perform remote government source inspections (GSI) and connect on-site technicians with subject matter experts (SMEs) for immediate compliance and asset issue resolution. The secure on-premise knowledge base, Onsight Workspace, can enable enhanced record sharing and planning to ensure maintenance demands are met on time.
Our clients commonly use augmented reality for:
  • Live video inspections to review complex assets in remote areas
  • Remote SME support
  • Streamlined documented processes with digital work instructions for various equipment and assets
  • Improved training and knowledge retention through remote mentoring and knowledge capture of processes, data and more
  • Remote collaboration between multiple parties throughout the entire development process of custom asset builds such as aircraft, weapons, and vehicles
  • On-premise and secure knowledge base
Our clients using the Onsight augmented reality solution often report higher asset availability, reduced downtime, enhanced productivity, and increased cost savings. Click below to find out how Raytheon Missiles & Defense uses the augmented reality to maximize business outcomes.
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20 %
Accelerated time to issue resolution
30 %
Saved from reduced travel for leading aircraft and defense organization
70 %
Increase in total productivity hours