The factory of the future, machine learning, and digital twin are just a few of the terms that are popping up in the manufacturing sector’s path toward digital transformation. There are endless perspectives and definitions on these topics but very little on how to approach these as a strategy. The “The Factory of the Future” digital panel, hosted by Librestream and Lockheed Martin’s Sr. Program Manager for Advanced Technology Solutions, Corey Cook, explains the challenges aerospace manufacturers are currently facing, how they are meeting and solving these now and into the future, and some of the technologies that are helping to make it possible. This panel will help you understand:

  • The challenges that modern aerospace manufacturing organizations are facing to meet the needs of today and tomorrow
  • What to consider when implementing disruptive technologies such AR, AI and machine learning
  • How to “do” digital transformation – moving the needle from talk to action when it comes to creating the “factory of the future”

Case study on best practices for implementing disruptive technologies

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