Librestream Integrates with Microsoft Teams to Deliver Optimized Experience for Industrial Workforce


Librestream, the #1-rated augmented reality (AR) platform for industrial workforce collaboration extends capabilities to Microsoft Teams. Librestream works with Teams to improve the industrial workforce and build knowledge networks for efficient, safe, and resilient workforces.

Librestream’s Onsight solution is optimized for collaboration across the 2.7B deskless workforce. “Deskless workers, which make up 80% of the global working population, have unique challenges requiring specialized solutions. The solutions that perform for office workers are not the same for those working in industrial environments, yet increasingly, these workers must cross-collaborate. Integrating with Teams bridges this gap,” said John Bishop, Librestream President and CEO.

Librestream’s Onsight solution delivers industrial requirements such as:

  • Privacy enforcement with customized privacy acceptance and content capture controls
  • Centralized knowledge capture and curated delivery of images, recordings, data, and step-by-step work instructions
  • Auto-tagged content using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data from third-party systems for future analysis and delivery
  • Full collaboration with audio, video, images, and drawing across all industrial environments —requiring only 30 kbps
  • Flexible deployment options with hosted and on-premises availability
  • Automatic object recognition with trained computer vision models to reduce cognitive load
  • Integration into existing IoT data sources to display data that informs and guides workers
  • Customized experience with back-end system integration and private label options
  • Seamlessly within Teams, workers launch an Onsight session gaining immediate access to the full Onsight collaborative experience

“This combined offering is a step forward for the industrial workforce,” said Daniel Canning, director, Microsoft Teams Platform at Microsoft. “The addition of Librestream Onsight’s specialized capabilities increases the value we deliver to current customers and expands the number of people that can utilize Teams.”

Librestream shares a history of successful joint initiatives with Microsoft that span integration of the Onsight platform across key Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, edge computing, and HoloLens 2.

Watch the Onsight Connect for Teams webinar here to see the combined solution: