Many of our customers use communication platforms like Microsoft Teams every day to join meetings, chat with colleagues, and share presentations. Teams and Onsight are both best in class in their respected communication areas. For example, Teams is effective for presentation sharing, day-to-day chat, or virtual face-to-face calls. Onsight extends that collaboration to deskless workers in rugged environments and provides advanced collaboration tools to troubleshoot assets, review processes and inspect environments. 

We created the Onsight Connect for Microsoft Teams to provide a seamless way to launch an Onsight call direct through Teams. Not only does this provide a seamless experience for Teams user, but an added benefit to Onsight available through Teams is the ability to use Teams presence to indicate who is available for an Onsight call.  

 In what scenarios should you institute an Onsight remote collaboration call while on a Teams call? Below are several key use cases where Onsight augments general communication tools: 

  • Low-bandwidth Environments: Onsight is designed to perform well in rugged, low-bandwidth situations. 93% of our customers require a bandwidth streaming below what other standard unified communications tools can support 
  • Asset Collaboration: Onsight provides advanced tools that range from remote control of remote worker’s camera to advanced telestration capabilities, and more 
  • IoT & AI Capabilities: The ability to visualize relevant IoT data and use AI to recognize assets and automatically tag content is critical to capturing and sharing knowledge 
  • IT & Privacy Controls: With Onsight, IT can also fully control how the data is saved and stored from an Onsight call 
  • Adhoc 3rd Party Collaboration: On the fly collaboration with external parties is built in to the Onsight experience. 85% of our customers use our secure guest invite feature and need the live language translation service 

We recently just had our last webinar of 2020 that showcases: 

  • The new Onsight Teams application 
  • Highlights from our past 2020 webinars 
  • A sneak peek at our HoloLens 2 app 


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Onsight Connect for Microsoft Teams is available to Onsight enterprise users. To purchase Onsight, please contact us at info@librestream.com. If you are a current Onsight user and would like to upgrade to an enterprise license, please contact your Librestream account manager.