Overcoming Language Barriers in Complex Supply Chain Networks


How advanced artificial intelligence capabilities like NLP help global teams avoid miscommunication

Many of our customers rely on trans-national supply chain networks and global teams spanning across continents to maximize production efforts. A recent report found 22% of manufacturing companies couldn’t pursue or lost business due to language barriers. To overcome language gaps within global supply chain networks, organizations are seeking tools that offer AI translations and enable improved productivity, cost savings and worker safety.

Language barriers pose challenges to meaningful collaboration and communication between global teams. For effective, immediate and accurate communication, Onsight now includes real-time translations and transcriptions as part of its collaborative experience.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a capability within artificial intelligence and linguistics that allows computers to process vast amounts of text or audio language data. There are many ways NLP services improve live experiences, such as this real-time translation and transcription and analytics that can identify sentiment or find common phrases for proactive services.

The ability to simply and securely translate ‘speech to text’ within the Onsight experience, including:

  • Live transcription (‘captions’) displayed on-screen
  • Live translation of calls from one language to another

Whether a field technician is working with a subject matter expert on an asset repair task, communicating with a supplier in a different country or assisting with a remote inspection, Onsight Translator’s advanced speech recognition and machine translation can seamlessly bridge language gaps.

As more organizations look to globalization to enable their growth strategies, the value of transcending language barriers through artificial intelligence is gaining momentum. These advanced capabilities are helping global organizations make miscommunications between their diverse workforce a thing of the past.

If you are interested in enabling Onsight Translator, contact a member of our team today.

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