Enterprise Wearables For The Connected Worker


Whether you are inspecting an asset, completing break/fix work, or performing a safety check, enterprise wearables can connect you to remote experts, work instructions, and augmented content. The Onsight platform runs on enterprise wearables, including the Onsight Cube, to provide connected workers with a hands-free solution in the field.

Onsight Connect remote expert  and Onsight Flow digital work instructions runs on market leading enterprise wearable devices including head-mounted tablets and smartglasses. When using Connect workers can collaborate with remote experts, sharing live visuals, talking and viewing feedback onscreen, while freeing-up their most useful tool – their hands. Remote experts can even control the wearable device through Connect, turning on the light and capturing pictures to allow workers to focus on the job at hand. Onsight Flow enables easy-to-use step-by-step digital work instructions to access relevant content hands-free in the field.

For industrial applications, the Onsight Cube wearable device augments the hands-free collaboration experience with the ability to share thermal imaging as well as HD video and pictures. The Onsight Cube-R is designed the world's most rugged environments and the Onsight Cube-Ex is certified for Zone 1, Div 1, Class 1 areas. The multi-purpose design of the Cube allows for hands-free, handheld, and monopod use to access hard to reach places.

Other Solutions

Collaboration Platform

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Onsight Flow

Custom digital work instructions for paperless procedures.

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Onsight Cube-Ex

Intrinsically safe camera with thermal imaging for hands-free collaboration in Ex-rated environments.

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Onsight Workspace

Specialized industrial content management solution.

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Onsight Cube-R

Industrial wearable for hands-free thermal imaging in rugged environments.

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Onsight Connect

Collaborative remote expert video software for smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and computers.

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Onsight Hub

Connect and share visuals from external cameras and instruments.

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Onsight Manager

Control and manage security, bandwidth, and privacy settings. Access usage analytics and custom branding features.

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