Energy Asset Maintenance & HSE Inspections

Energy Asset Maintenance and HSE Inspections With Onsight

The vast distance and time that separates remote experts from core assets at oil rigs, refineries, utility lines or wind farms, can cause high inspection and maintenance costs.

In some cases, troubleshooting issues adds days to the resolution time with challenging travel logistics. The ability to bring the eyes and ears of remote experts to these remote locations imtely provides teams with a way to rapidly respond to issues in the field.

  • Remote asset maintenance and repairs
  • Live video inspections of core assets and processes
  • Remote Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) inspections


$7-10M Downtime Saved by Diagnosising a Potential BOP Issue from Afar
$3M Saved by Resolving Ongoing Maintenance Issue at Unmanned Well - Reducing HSE Exposure
6% Saved in Downtime with the help of virtual presence for Noble Drilling

Other Solutions

Collaboration Platform

Librestream offers a range of products and services for these challenging environments including secure Ex-certified smart camera devices and Ex-rated smartphone and tablet support.

Onsight Flow

Custom digital work instructions for paperless procedures.

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Onsight Cube-Ex

Industrial wearable with thermal imaging for hands-free collaboration in Ex-rated environments.

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Onsight Workspace

Specialized industrial content management solution.

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Onsight Cube-R

Industrial wearable for hands-free thermal imaging in rugged environments.

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Onsight Connect

Collaborative remote expert video software for smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and computers.

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Onsight Smartcam

Onsight Rugged Smart Camera for remote collaboration in highly secure and rugged environments.

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Onsight Hub

Connect and share visuals from external cameras and instruments.

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Onsight Embedded

Software Developer Kit (SDK) and API's to integrate with an existing workflow app.

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Onsight Manager

Control and manage security, bandwidth, and privacy settings. Access usage analytics and custom branding features.

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