Remote Aircraft Maintenance & Inspections

The Aerospace Industry Uses the Onsight Video Platform

Onsight is used to rapidly respond to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) field situations and aircraft manufacturing processes.
  • Aircraft Manufacturing remote design reviews, supplier management, and field tests
  • Unscheduled Maintenance such as Aircraft on Ground (AOG) field situations
  • Scheduled Inspections and Maintenance of aircraft with live access to virtual experts

Aviation manufacturers and suppliers, service companies, and airlines use Onsight to deliver faster turn-around on AOG situations and save in new aircraft manufacturing processes by using live video collaboration to engage remote experts.

Field inspectors and engineers share live video and collaborate with remote specialists from the side of the aircraft using Onsight Connect on smartphones and tablets, or the certified Onsight rugged smart camera. With the Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub, teams connect even share visuals from non-destructive test instruments such as borescopes and ultrasound devices to perform remote visual inspections.

60% Faster Turn-around on Aircraft on Ground Situations
340% Improvement in Manufacturing Fit and Finish Discrepancies Down from 179 to 40
12 HRS Improved Response Time

Other Solutions

Collaboration Platform

Librestream offers a range of products and services to achieve these results including the Onsight 400R Collaboration Hub to connect external specialized instruments such as borescopes and ultrasound equipment.

Onsight Flow

Custom digital work instructions for paperless procedures.

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Onsight Cube-Ex

Industrial wearable with thermal imaging for hands-free collaboration in Ex-rated environments.

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Onsight Workspace

Specialized industrial content management solution.

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Onsight Cube-R

Industrial wearable for hands-free thermal imaging in rugged environments.

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Onsight Connect

Collaborative remote expert video software for smartphones, tablets, smart glasses and computers.

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Onsight Smartcam

Onsight Rugged Smart Camera for remote collaboration in highly secure and rugged environments.

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Onsight Hub

Connect and share visuals from external cameras and instruments.

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Onsight Embedded

Software Developer Kit (SDK) and API's to integrate with an existing workflow app.

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Onsight Manager

Control and manage security, bandwidth, and privacy settings. Access usage analytics and custom branding features.

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