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Virtual Patient Consults and Procedural Guidance Using Onsight

Health needs differ by age group, and millennials, who make up 83 million or 50% of the U.S. workforce, are also the most comfortable (60% of those surveyed) with virtual health. COVID-19 further accelerated the need for secure and HIPAA compliant solutions that offer not just virtual clinic visits but also remote guidance between healthcare providers and specialists and virtual training for new residents and healthcare workers. Augmented reality in healthcare can offer organizations a secure platform to consult with patients and collaborate with their teams.

Whether assistance is needed at a hospital, a remote nursing station, or on the road in an ambulance, Onsight’s augmented reality-enabled remote expert assistance helps healthcare professionals expedite care, provide in-depth training, and preserve personal protective equipment (PPE). Remote expert assistance is an augmented reality capability that provides “see-what-I-see“ visuals to teams working in different facilities.

The ability to provide immediate virtual access to specialists coupled with military-grade security and privacy controls is critical to ensuring patient and front-line worker safety. With augmented reality, front–line healthcare workers can get the assistance they need to virtually bring in expertise from anywhere in the world and improve patient outcomes.

Our telehealth customers report the following augmented reality use cases in healthcare:

  • Supervision and guidance of bedside procedures with remote specialists, reducing the number of staff members physically required
  • Supervision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning procedures
  • Triage and support for paramedics in transit via ambulance and air-transport
  • Collaboration with remote specialists to diagnose and discuss treatment plans for patients in nursing stations and care homes
  • Quickly and efficiently train new and untrained/underqualified staff on procedures

Using augmented reality, healthcare organizations can effectively train new staff, improve patient outcomes, and enhance collaboration between healthcare professionals from different disciplines. Watch our webinar to learn more about our joint wearable telehealth solution with Vuzix.

Watch the Vuzix and Librestream Telehealth Webinar