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Digitizing the Oil & Gas Industry with AR

The 2021 Deloitte oil and gas (O&G) outlook report identified that 33% of O&G respondents expect a high risk of supply disruptions over the next five years (2020–2025). Considering this uncertainty, many companies are accelerating their adoption of augmented reality in the oil and gas industry to improve worker safety, cost savings, productivity, and customer experience.

One key area of improvement for the O&G industry is enabling collaboration between rig workers in remote and off–shore rigs and subject matter experts (SMEs) working in different global facilities. SMEs are often called in to help resolve complicated and unfamiliar issues. Given the travel time required to get an SME to an off-shore rig, critical equipment breakdown can result in days of asset down-time and supply chain disruption.

Using augmented reality solutions like Onsight, SMEs and rig workers can collaborate on a live-video call to fix and maintain critical equipment.  The SME can take control of the rig worker‘s augmented reality wearable or smart device to zoom in, turn on the flashlight, take HD images, mark relevant areas using telestration,  tag data using IoT and AI computer vision and record the session for training purposes. With Onsight Connect at their fingertips, the O&G industry can rely on accurate identification and quick resolution of asset breakdowns, no matter where their rig workers or SMEs are located.

Our O&G clients commonly use augmented reality for:

  • Oil well completions with remote guidance
  • Regular production installation workflows
  • Remote witness testing
  • General environmental scans via thermal imaging
  • Remote asset maintenance and repairs
  • Live video inspections of core assets and processes
  • Remote HSE inspections

Using our augmented reality technology, our clients often report higher equipment availability, improved operational efficiency, increased current asset productivity, new revenue streams and improved customer satisfaction. Librestream client, NOV, a leading provider of a wide variety of equipment and components used to drill and produce oil and gas worldwide, uses augmented reality to create a seamless customer experience without disruptions and surprises. Click below to learn more.

Read the NOV Case Study

10 M
Downtime saved by diagnosing a potential blowout preventer (BOP) issue from afar
$ 3 M
Saved by resolving ongoing maintenance issue at unmanned well - reducing HSE exposure
6 %
Saved in downtime with the help of virtual presence for offshore drilling contractor, noble drilling