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The Aerospace Industry Uses the Onsight Augmented Reality Platform

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul tasks (MRO), whether scheduled or unscheduled, can often result in aerospace organizations spending billions of dollars and losing days of revenue if an OEM cannot send an engineer or subject matter expert (SME) immediately. As most SMEs work globally, sometimes bringing them in to help with a downed aircraft can mean days of travel and wasted resources.

Augmented reality in aviation is used to rapidly respond to MRO field situations and aircraft manufacturing processes. Aviation manufacturers and suppliers, service companies, and airlines can use technology like Onsight to deliver faster turn-around on Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations and increase cost savings in new aircraft manufacturing processes by engaging remote experts using the platform’s live video collaboration capabilities.

Field inspectors and engineers share live video and collaborate with remote specialists from the side of the aircraft using Onsight Connect on smartphones and tablets. Reports, findings, manuals, and other relevant data can be stored on a knowledge base, the Onsight Workspace. Onsight Workspace creates an integrated knowledge base including images and recordings that are automatically tagged with relevant IoT data and using AI computer vision to further enable effective training and onboarding of workforces.

To meet the increasing demands for security and privacy in U.S. federal markets, Librestream has strengthened the security posture of its products by incorporating a module to provide the cryptographic services needed to support industry-standard secure communications protocols as well as protect data at rest residing on the devices. This Librestream Cryptographic Module has been validated by a 3rd party test lab under the U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS 140-3). To review additional information on Librstream’s security strategy and validation, visit our Security Page.

Our aerospace clients commonly report the following use cases of augmented reality in aviation:

  • Remote design reviews
  • Supplier management
  • Field tests
  • Unscheduled AOG maintenance
  • Scheduled inspections and maintenance

Augmented reality for aircraft maintenance has enabled improved asset availability and uptime, enhanced cost savings and productivity, and worker safety for Onsight's aerospace customers. Find out how Rolls-Royce uses Onsight to help reduce AOG situations for their commercial airline.

Read the Rolls-Royce Case Study

60 %
Faster turn-around on aircraft on ground situations
340 %
Improvement in manufacturing fit and finish discrepancies down from 179 to 40
12 HRS
Improved response time